Friday 5: Reasons I’m Proud of Myself This Week

Now I know nobody likes a show-off, but I’ve had a FAB week this week, and I’m really rather pleased with myself.  If you don’t want to read my shameless gloating, feel free to stop right now – I shan’t be in the least offended.

1.   I’ve lost 5 lbs on the first week my healthy eating/exercise regime – am SO pleased to see a tangible result already.  Now to keep it going …

2.   I went to the first lesson of my beginners crochet course by myself.  I wasn’t looking forward to it much, but I had a really nice time, learnt to do some crocheting and met some really nice women, including one who I really hit it off with and I think might become a new friend.  What’s not to like?  Am looking forward to next week’s lesson already.

3.   Went swimming this morning.  I had arranged to go with two friends, but they both cancelled, and it would have been so easy to use that as an excuse not to go, but I forced myself out of the house, went to the Leisure Centre, swam 20 lengths, and felt really good about myself for actually doing so.

4.   Sticking to my no-alcohol September.  A long summer of holidays, socialising and generally having fun meant that I was drinking more than I wanted to be.  So I decided to have a dry September.  Tedious, yes.  Am I feeling healthier?  No, not particularly.  Is it good for me?  Without a doubt.  And I am sleeping better.  And it’s good self-discipline.

5.   Can’t think of a number 5.  Oh well, it will have to be a Friday Four.  That kind of works, doesn’t it?


9 thoughts on “Friday 5: Reasons I’m Proud of Myself This Week

  1. Am on healthy eating / no drinking here too – sort of getting used to it now. Gym starts next week – there was such a demand for induction sessions!!!

    Well done on the weight loss – I’m aiming for new jeans in a size & half smaller by Christmas 🙂

  2. Go Caroline!! And pleased with yourself you deserve to be with the exercise and healthy eating (says she who has just eaten a doughnut!)
    Am looking forward to seeing your first completed crochet project, I so want to be able to do more than a wonky chain!
    Have a great (non alcoholic) weekend.
    lisa x

  3. I’m trying to be healthier too, have lost a few pounds, also cutting down on the wine, and daughter and I bought new sports bras ready to start running on Monday (we said we’d have no excuse now!). Keep it up, I’d like to lose a stone by Christmas. Funnily enough I was talking about crochet yesterday to a work colleague who has taken it up again, I can do very simple stitches but crochet mostly baffles me! I’m sure learning with other people will make it much easier, enjoy the course.

  4. Good on you, Caroline. I’m particularly envious of the weight loss (5lbs in one week – very impressive) and the crochet classes. Crochet totally baffles me and though I’ve tried several times I just can nail it!!

  5. Well done on the weight loss Caroline, that is great! also for going swimming hen your friends cancelled, I have been struggling but have to get myslef sorted , Friday 4 or 5 I love them regardless x Dawn

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