A Holiday In Instagram Photos

We arrived back from Spain at about 8 yesterday evening, and ate the fish and chips we picked up on the way home with a bit of a subdued air – the end of the summer is once again upon us.

I can’t believe how quickly the nine weeks of summer h0lidays have flashed by, but we’ve had two fabulous trips abroad, spent time with friends and family, been glued to the Olympics, had some memorable days out, and done lots and lots of fun things, despite it being the wettest summer for 100 years or some such!

I can’t deny that it’s rather nice to have the house to myself this morning, along with the attendant peace and quiet, and no doubt we shall slip back into the routine of school – with the slight alteration that school now finishes at 4.30, rather than 4.00 pm – very quickly.  September always strikes me as a time for new beginnings, and once again, I’m hoping to lose some weight and get a bit fitter, amongst other things.  Oh, and procrastinate less, and waste less time online!

So here are a few memories of the last 10 days spent in Spain:


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4 thoughts on “A Holiday In Instagram Photos

  1. Welcome home! And back to the daily routine…. Are you all nice and tanned? Please tell me you are surrounded by all your stuff from Spain and tidying up still. It will make me feel better.

    What time does school start? That seems a long day…….

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