Sunday Car Booty

I’ve noticed during the last six months or so that there’s a general trend at car boot sales of more tat and fewer bargains.  At one point this morning, I thought I might come home empty-handed – that would be a first!  However, I picked up a few bits and bobs, and came home just after 8, as the rain was starting.

Bulaggi handbag – £3.50.  Not my cup of tea, but I’m sure somebody will love it.

New Look pinkish heels £1, Next black evening shoes £2.

Nike trainers £3.50, like new; M&S gold flats £2, Hush Puppies girls’ school shoes £1

Per Una jeans £1, Boots No 7 cleaners x 2 – £1 each, Baylis & Harding giftset £1.

I’ve noticed a couple of other bloggy car booters haven’t had much luck these last few months, either – does anybody else think that there’s a trend towards there being less good stuff at car boots?  Of course, the weather hasn’t helped much this  year, I guess.

Anyway, plans for this dull and damp Sunday are few and far between.  Some reading, a sausage sandwich for breakfast, laundry and ironing possibly, and the Olympics Closing Ceremony in glorious 3D later on this evening – I knew that the 3D TV Ashley insisted we ‘needed’ 18 months ago would eventually come in handy!







7 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. You didn’t do too badly in the end. Nice to see a good shoe selection as usual!
    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. We’ll be watching the closing ceremony later. It’s all been so exciting. I shall miss it.
    Lisa x

  2. Yup, I’ve definitely noticed the trend towards more tat and less bargains at the boot sales this year. As you say, the weather hasn’t helped either but my finds this summer have been pitiful!! It’s not much better in the local charity shops either. I presume during the recession people are either hanging onto their stuff or flogging it on ebay. Whatever, it’s making it tres difficult to find a decent bargain. I’m quite liking the Bulaggi handbag too – and it’s nice to see it comes with the original dust bag as well.

  3. I think the first ones of the year in the spring are the best as people have saved up their junk for a long time and as the season goes on it’s the same old stuff brought out each week. I’m lucky we have two in town and one out of town so I do ok. And, I’m an early bird! It never fails to amaze me how busy it is at 7 am!
    I do love to see what other people go for! I never see shoes. They’re not on my radar. And I can’t believe the amount of vintage clothing Vintage Vixen finds when I just don’t see it.
    Do you read Yard sale bloodbath? She’s really cool and spots the most insane stuff but that’s somewhere in America.

  4. We don’t have what you call car boot sales here in the US but we have a version of them. They’re mostly organized outdoor flea markets which the seller has to pay for a table (or two) to display their stuff. It’s usually a mix of old and new, crappy stuff. I went to one that is there every Saturday morning and it takes place in a large parking lot of an arena/event venue. I came back with nothing.
    The only other thing we have is private yard sales or house sales and they’re usually not so good. I envy you your car boot sales even if sometimes they’re not so good. You usually seem to get some nice stuff. One time my younger daughter wanted to go to a few sales around town (private ones) and we went and the only thing she came out with was a nice picnic basket equipped with all the utensils and dishes for having a nice picnic. She was thrilled with it. Other than that, I can’t remember ever finding anything remotely good as your stuff.

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