Loving The Olympics

The last week and a half has been manically busy, though very enjoyable, and it was nice to get home last night after a few days away, firstly celebrating my brother’s 40th birthday, then on up to the hotel for a couple of days’ work for Ashley and leisure for myself and William.

Now I am not a sports fan by any stretch of anybody’s imagination – you may occasionally find me tuning into Wimbledon, but that’s about the extent of my interest as a rule.   But something about the Olympics has always just caught my imagination, and I’ve been looking forward to London 2012 ever since the moment seven years ago on a flight from London to Havana when the pilot announced that he had just heard that the UK had been successful in their bid to host the Olympics, and a huge cheer went up through the plane.

Sadly, I wasn’t lucky enough to get any tickets – I would LOVE to have been there for something, anything really, in person, but that hasn’t dampened my enthusiasm at all.

I must mention the AMAZING opening ceremony, which we watched at home on Friday evening with friends – adults and children alike mesmerised by Danny Boyle’s triumphant spectacle from start to finish.  To be honest, beforehand I wasn’t that interested in the opening ceremony – to me, the Olympics is all about the sport – but even I was totally blown away by the sheer brilliance of it.  It was all absolutely stunning, but my favourite bit was this …

Just fabulous.

And as for the sport?  I am LOVING the morning to night media coverage of everything from archery to wrestling.  I think the BBC are doing an amazing job, and I was moved to tears this morning as Team GB won their first gold medal of the Games.

I’ve just watched Bradley Wiggins wipe the floor with the competition and win our second gold as well – yay!!

2012 was always going to be a big year for Britain, what with the Queen’s Golden Jubilee and the Olympics within a couple of months of each other, but really – and people can say what they like about the Brits – but by God, we know how to put on a bit of do, don’t we?  It’s not often I feel moved to say that I’m proud to be British, but right at the moment –



12 thoughts on “Loving The Olympics

  1. I’m not a big sports fan either. I occasionally watch some soccer (football to you) and the odd tennis match but that’s about it. I agree with you that the British have been excellent Olympic sponsors and are doing such a great job all around. Cheers to Britain for doing such a wonderful job. I wish I could be there too. I heard it is so chaotic and heard from a friend that has a daughter in school in London that told her mother (my friend) not to even attempt to come to London until everything is over. Must be a madhouse. Kind of makes me want to be part of the madhouse though, huh? Exciting chaos.

  2. I always enjoy watching the Olympics, maybe because you get a snapshot of so many different sports. I’m particularly enjoying the swimming, cycling, rowing and gymnastics at the moment (because we are doing well perhaps?? 🙂 )
    I agree about the opening ceremony – excellent.

  3. I have the games on as I type. We were having dinner out when the opening ceremony was on, and the TV was on in the restaurant, but no sound! I was really wishing we had stayed home for dinner. I thought Bond, James Bond and Majesty, Her Majesty were fabulous! 🙂 Pride well warranted.

    • I am not a big sports fan but watched the opening ceremony with pride. My husband was given tickets for the volleyball last night and is on his way to London to watch it as I write. He loves sport and is sooooooooooo excited.

  4. I am completely addicted to the Olympics, I have it on from the minute I get up and the only time I turn over is for Emmerdale and Corrie! Sad to be going on holiday and missing a weeks worth!

    And so say all of us, even though I’m currently following the Test match.
    My number one moment at the opening was the same as yours. Number two: Beckham on the Thames with Tower Bridge lit up.

  6. I’m not the biggest sports fan but a little like you I get so emotional when we win medals.

    As for my favourite bit of the opening ceremony it was exactly the same as yours. It so made me laugh.

    X x

  7. Sports to me are a total no-no (except the odd bit of Wimbledon) but even I’m quite enjoying watching teeny bits of the Olympics. And the opening ceremony was just fabulous (I wasn’t even going to bother watching it but am so glad I did.) P, who is an enormous sports fan, has tickets for Olympic events next week and is looking forward hugely to going to the Olympic park and seeing what the atmosphere is like ‘in the flesh.’.

  8. Hasn’t it been so wonderful watching all the sportsmen and women performing, I am full of admiration for every single one. We watched the opening ceremony whilst sat in a bar in Spain and we hooted when the Queen appeared with Daniel Craig, it was fabulous from start to finish.

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