Where’s This Week Gone?

Blimey, Saturday afternoon already!

Having arrived home early evening on Monday from holiday, I decided Tuesday would be an at-home day for Will and me.  I spent the day doing mountains of laundry and ironing, while catching up with Sky Plus, and dealing with rather a lot of emails!  William was firmly attached to his X-Box for the majority of the day.  Hmmm, the whole X-Box thing is winding me up – I’ve already put a limit on the amount of time he uses it during the day, but he is a little obsessive over it.  Not good.  But I suppose that’s what pre-teen/teenage boys are like these days.

On Wednesday afternoon Will and I went to the new improved local library (as if I don’t have enough unread books in the house, I found myself picking up another five!), which is so much better than the previous one, and with loads of lovely new books.   I guess we’re really lucky to have an upgraded library, as elsewhere in the country they seem to be closing libraries down by the dozen, which is very sad.

After the library, we went to see The Amazing Spiderman at the cinema.  We took advantage of Orange Wednesday half price cinema tickets, so it only cost £3 each, and the film was really very good.  Much better than I anticipated and well worth watching.

Thursday morning Will had karate from 10 until 11.  I love that the karate club continues throughout the year and doesn’t stop for school holidays, as it’s an activity that keeps Will busy at least a couple of times a week and that cost any extra, as I pay annually.  I wondered if his interest would wane once he got his black belt earlier this year, but I’m pleased to say that it doesn’t seem to have done at all.

I used the karate hour to hotfoot it to two of my favourite charity shops, where pickings were disappointingly slim.  However, I did pick up two vintage English-made Trilby hats for £2.50 each, and a brand-new-with-tags O’Neill shirt for Will.

After karate, I dropped Will at Ashley’s mother’s for some granny/grandson bonding (not to mention well away from the Xbox!), and took advantage of a few free hours to do some eBay listing, and work on another little project that I have going on at the moment.

Ashley picked Will up from his mother’s on the way home from work, and I left the boys to their own devices for the evening at home and met up with a friend in town for supper, wine and a gossip, which was nice.

Friday dawned fairly bright, which was good, as we were meeting my brother and his family at the River Dart Country Park.  We had a lovely day out with the kids – it’s a great place to go – and big bonus, it wasn’t horribly busy, as the majority of local schools didn’t break up until the end of  yesterday.  The weather was kind to us, and although it wasn’t amazingly sunny, it was warm enough to have lunch outside and for the kids to make the most of the water – Sam was very brave and swam in some immensely cold water, and William thankfully completed the over-the-water course without getting wet, as he’d refused to take his swimwear!

Water zorbing – what a bizarre idea!  £5 for 5 minutes – scandalous – but they had a whale of a time.

Sam, my nephew, came over last night for a sleepover with Will, which they enjoyed.

And so to the weekend – hoorah!

Ashley worked this morning, so Will did a two hour karate lesson, and once again I took the opportunity to visit a couple of charity shops (nothing but a book this time), and also picked up a glittery topcoat to jazz up my rather staid pale grey Shellac manicure.


I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s car boot sale, so fingers crossed for no rain.  And next week is shaping up to be even busier than this week has been!



2 thoughts on “Where’s This Week Gone?

  1. The country park looks great fun, and without rain too! Good luck with your car boot, I think we’re supposed to have another dry day tomorrow.

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