Friday 5: Favourite Kitchen Gadgets

I’m not a huge lover of all sorts of different gadgets in the kitchen, but there are several things that I couldn’t live without, and are used on a VERY regular basis.


1.  Garlic Twister

I saw one of these being demonstrated on a trip to the Good Food Show several years ago and thought it was so good, I had to buy one.  Unlike a lot of  impulse purchases, though, it’s been worth it’s weight in gold, and is so simple yet so effective.  And really easy to wash up as well – a quick rinse under the tap and it’s done.  Also works brilliantly for chillis and ginger.

2.   Ikea Clippy Things

I don’t think a day goes by when I don’t use one of these for closing some sort of packaging.  Whether it’s crisps, rice, pasta, frozen chips or bread, they come in all different sizes and are immensely useful.

3.   Moulinex Moulinette

Mini chopper with a BIG motor.  Great for making breadcrumbs out of the last stale bit of bread to put in the freezer, or chopping herbs, and about a million other things that I can’t think of at the moment.   Vereeee useful.

4.   Lemon Shaped Timer

This is probably the most useful present Ashley’s mother has ever given me.  Without my trusty timer there would be a lot of kitchen disasters in my house – please tell me I’m not the only person who puts something in the oven then completely forgets about it until a horrible burning smell pervades the house ….

5.   The Dishwasher

How did we manage before dishwashers?  Well, that’s a bit dramatic, of course I’d MANAGE without it, but I wouldn’t bloody want to!!


What are your kitchen essentials?


8 thoughts on “Friday 5: Favourite Kitchen Gadgets

  1. Agree wholeheartedly about the timer. Whenever I have a boiled egg I always set it for five mins and the egg is perfect. Whenever OH does the morning breakfast egg he insists on using his watch and the egg is always undercooked or overcooked and quite horrible. I have a mini chopper too, that does sound rude, and I agree such a useful item. Never heard of a garlic twister though and will try to get the Ikea pegs as I make my own bread put it in a freezer bag and it never closes properly. I managed for over six months without a dishwasher fine for two of us but nightmare when we had guests.

  2. I’m not a gadget person either. I do have a mini chopper similar to yours, and I do like it, but it has been MIA since the move, and I’ve only really wished I could find it a couple of times, so it’s not a real necessity for me. So I guess my favorites would be a good knife (it takes up no room in the drawer and washes up so much easier than something with a lot of pieces), a fork (aside from the obvious, it makes a great lemon reamer, and avocado masher, egg beater, and single serving of salad dressing whisk), clear glass storage jars, my freezer with its ice maker/crusher, and I’m right there with you on the dishwasher!

  3. Like you, I love my dishwasher. I did without one for quite some time and I felt like I was always washing dishes (I was!). I love my food processor and I also have a mini one for small amounts.
    I like a little wire wisk for making dressings. It incorporates the oil/vinegar just right. I also like the electric kettle for boiling water for tea. It is so much faster than the top of the stove version. Also like the reamer for lemon/lime juicing, although a fork does the trick, like Kathleen said.

  4. I could not be without my dishwasher, I love my potato ricer, it makes the smoothest mashed potato, swede etc, I love my food processor and use it and the attachments all the time and the cheapest thing in my kitchen draw, my lemon zester, I think it was around 80p but makes really fine zest.
    Caroline I have to get your garlic gadget, I loath my garlic crusher, well like the crushed garlic but the clean up is a nightmare x enjoyed the post, Dawn x

  5. Probably my wooden spoon, but I couldn’t live without a freezer or dishwasher! I’ll be looking out for the garlic thingy, I think I need one.

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