Not Much Going On Here

It’s been a relatively quiet few days here – Ashley’s away, Will’s at school, I’m at home.  Been busy with school work and eBay.  Same old same old.

Looking forward to the four day weekend, although I’m a bit over all the red, white and blue throwaway crap in all the shops. Honestly, in an already overcrowded island country with landfill issues, is it wise to encourage people to purchase so much rubbish?  I’m all for a bit of patriotism, but that doesn’t mean I need to buy twenty throwaway plastic Union Jacks on sticks, strings of nasty cheap plastic bunting that will last five minutes and be stuffed into a dustbin by this time next week, or two dozen plasticized paper cups emblazoned with red, white and blue flags – no doubt destined to be drunk from once, before being consigned to a black plastic bag.    Consumerism at its worst, in my opinion.

Anyway, back to the four day weekend: we’re having the first couple of days at home, and then heading up to Findon Manor on Monday with friends to stay for a couple of days and celebrate the Jubilee at an English-themed dinner and dance there.  The sale of the hotel seems to be moving in the right direction (without wishing to tempt fate) and Ashley is up there meeting the potential buyer again later on today, so this weekend may well be my last visit there.  Best make the most of it, and drink the bar dry of Champagne!  Again.

The weather continues to be more like summer, although Sunday’s car boot sale was rained off again.  Pah!

And I’ll leave you with a few of my Instagram pics from the last week or so …

Loving the retro Cornflakes packaging; gorgeous (but huuuuge) light in Ikea; a rare picture of my cats sitting nicely next to each other.

Fab seat carved from a tree stump, in a pub garden; flowers in cheapy bottle vases from Ikea; gorgeous sunset taken from the top of the slide in my garden; some of the flowers I saw while I was walking around the village last week.

Even doing the grocery shopping isn’t too much of a chore in this weather; new books from Read It Swap It; my garden at around 7.30 pm on Sunday evening.



4 thoughts on “Not Much Going On Here

  1. Lovely photos! I’m with you on all the Jubilee throwaway stuff! I quite like a bit of red, white and blue, but there is tooooooo much of it!

  2. How cute do your cats look?!
    Hope you have a great time away at the hotel and fingers crossed all goes ok with the sell.
    Lisa x

  3. If you have any Jubillee stuff to throw away, send it in my direction….we are away until after all the fuss has died down and I meant to buy my youngest a flag (he is certain he wants a ‘Queen flag.’ I haven’t seen one here in France yet and I think it may be too late when we get back to UK (June 22nd)? Oh and I soooo nearly bought those lights from IKEA as I loved them too. They looked VERY fiddly to put together though so I bailed out. But I may still get one for another room yet as I love it too.

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