A Wasted Weekend

I was so sad to read this morning of the death of Ellie Jeffery, whose blog I’ve been following since last year.  Ellie was only 29, and died just two weeks before her wedding to Tom, her fiance, which she had been so looking forward to.  The last post on her blog, written last night by Tom, is absolutely heart-wrenching.

On Friday evening, we went out to Wetherspoons for a few drinks and a bite to eat with friends and the kids.  More friends arrived, and we ended up after the 9pm ‘no kids’ watershed at Wetherspoons, going back to one couple’s house, continuing to drink until far later than we should have done, and singing (for which read shrieking tunelessly) on their karaoke machine.

I spent almost the entirety of Saturday in bed, and was unable to even keep water down until late afternoon.  Why oh why do I never learn?  Admittedly it’s long time since I’ve had a hangover like that, but even so, it just trashed my whole weekend really.  I still felt bad when I woke up on Sunday morning, and although I did manage to drag myself out to the bootsale (which was in the multi-storey car park  due to the rain, and absolutely rubbish), that was about the only thing I did accomplish all day.

As you get older, you realise how precious time is – particularly when you read of events like the one I mention above, and also Donna Summer and Robin Gibb both dying prematurely during the last week – and I woke up this morning really cross with myself for wasting a whole weekend.    However, let’s not dwell on the negative – I’m determined to make this week a really good, positive week, get lots done, eat healthily, get out in the fresh air, and generally enjoy life.  And make the most of the sun, which seems to be shining at the moment – at last!

A quick pic of my only two car boot finds yesterday:

M&S Portfolio dress £3, and a large black and pink vanity case, £3, which will come in handy for some of my large collection of beauty products.

Hope everybody has a fab week!




5 thoughts on “A Wasted Weekend

  1. How terribly sad, 29 years of age. Heartbreaking. I was particularly saddened to hear about Robin Gibb and the fact that three brothers had died before their parents, leaving just one.

    I think you beat me for a hangover definitely after my evening out on Saturday night. However yesterday I had a real fright, I suddenly thought I had lost my Mum´s ring which I only ever wear when I am going out. I couldn´t remember taking it off and when I went to look for it in my ring case it wasn´t there. I must admit I cried myself to sleep last night and felt lousey again this morning. So I said a little prayer and had another look around and there it was in a separate jewellery box which I swear I had already looked for. As my friend said when I told her this morning, “You must have been p****d.” Noooooooooooo.

  2. How very sad about the Blogger and the more famous deaths recently, yes it does make you feel as though you shouldn’t waste a minute, but although you felt rubbish, you had a great evening, next time just don’t drink as much!

  3. How sad about Ellie and of course Donna Summer and Robin Gibb. We definitely should never waste a moment. My Mum’s philosophy in life was “No regrets”, go and do whatsoever you want and live life to the full. Certainly sounds like you did on Saturday night, bloody Wetherspoons and it’s cheap booze! x

  4. Ellie’s fiance’s blog post was so sad. We were in the car last night when we heard the report of Robin Gibb’s death. It somehow makes me feel older than ever that the artists I listened too in my youth are seeming to pass from cancer and heart attacks these days and not drug overdoses or the like. Seems kind of a sick perspective…sorry.

  5. So sorry that the first post I read on Ellie’s blog was that one. She sounds like an amazing woman. What a sad weekend. But I don’t think yours was wasted. Time spent with friends (and the time taken to get there and recover) is never wasted. Great finds at the car boot too.

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