Friday 5: Telling It Like It Is – The Duke of Edinburgh

Prince Philip was in the headlines this week after making an inappropriate comment to a lady about her dress whilst on a visit to Bromley.  At the age of 90, the Duke can clearly still deliver a witty one-liner, and I like to think that one day what are currently referred to as his ‘gaffes’ will become better known as amusing quotations.  Some of his lines rival Oscar Wilde for sheer pith and wit.

So in honour of our esteemed Queen’s Consort in this Jubilee year, I’ve picked some of my favourites for this week’s Friday 5:

1.   In 1967, when asked whether he’d like to visit the Soviet Union, the Duke replied  ‘I would like to go to Russia very much — although the bastards murdered half my family.’

2.   At the height of the recession in 1981, he commented  ‘Everybody was saying we must have more leisure. Now they are complaining they are unemployed.’

3.   ‘People think there’s a rigid class system here, but Dukes have been known to marry chorus girls. Some have even married Americans.’ In 2000.

4.   To the Aircraft Research Association in 2002:  ‘If you travel as much as we do, you appreciate the improvements in aircraft design of less noise and more comfort, provided you don’t travel in something called economy class, which sounds ghastly.’

5.   Lamenting the rate of British tax in 1963, Prince Philip noted that  ‘All money nowadays seems to be produced with a natural homing instinct for the Treasury.’

And just because I can, and because it’s my very favourite of all, here’s one more, which says it all:  “You can take it from me, the Queen has the quality of tolerance in abundance.”  Love it!


4 thoughts on “Friday 5: Telling It Like It Is – The Duke of Edinburgh

  1. I think over they years the Press has just jumped on his remarks and blown them out of all proportion. I think he says these things tongue in cheek and to put others at ease in a way – to show he is Human. Whilst I am sure it has had its perks in many ways, being married to the Queen and playing ‘second fiddle’ so to speak, can’t have been that brilliant…..
    And he does seem to be going strong with all his engagements despite his age and his recent heart scare….
    (And really think his American quip is funny btw!!)

  2. Great post! I agree with mumof4 – the press are very quick to find fault with what he says and blow things out of proportion. If I’m as fit and chatty and witty as he is when I am that age, I’ll be very happy.

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