Not Fade Away

Over the four years I’ve been writing this blog, many things have happened – amongst others:

  • I’ve created a diary of my life in pictures and words which I will have forever, and hopefully my son and future grandchildren will be able to look back at one day.
  • I’ve rediscovered the enjoyment of writing which I had as a child, and through the wealth of followers and comments over the years, have had validation that people want to read what I write, and sometimes even enjoy it!
  • I’ve made some amazing friends from all sorts of different walks of life, and from many corners of the globe.  Some of them I’ve met in real life, most of them I haven’t.  Some I know I’ll keep in touch with for years to come.  Special people.

I’ve said many times in the last four years that I can’t imagine life without blogging, but at the moment, more and more often, I’m sitting in front of the keyboard wondering what to write about, and feeling it’s more of a chore than a pleasure.  Which I don’t want, and I don’t think my readers deserve.

And I don’t want What’s Happening At My House to become one of those blogs where updates are less and less frequent until …. eventually ……. they …….. just ……peter out.  Hence the title of this post.

I think maybe the time has come to lay down my virtual pen.

I’m going to think on it for a couple of weeks, and I will be back to let you know one way or another what I decide to do.

But in the meantime, thank you – for reading, for commenting, for being my friend.  It’s been a blast.



23 thoughts on “Not Fade Away

  1. Sorry to hear you’re having a bit of break and seeing how things go although I’ve had similar conversations with many bloggers who feel obliged to blog daily/weekly etc and suddenly it seems like a job. My lifestyle means I’ll have moments of blogging daily and then won’t for weeks and I don’t apologise for it or worrying about it because the blog is predominently for me but with the added bonus that there are other people in the world that enjoy (?!) reading my ramblings and the good bloggy friends of the world are there for you whenever you pop in. Same as those friends you don’t speak to every day but the minute you pick up the phone it’s like you’ve never been apart.

    Hopefully will hear from you in the future

    Victoria xxx

  2. Yes I’d miss you too, all your car boot and frock posts especially. We all get times when we have nothing to say or can’t blog because we are away. Maybe take a break and see how you feel, we’d keep checking to see if you were around.

  3. I think Victoria said it very nicely. We will all miss you but we’ll be all be waiting if and when you pop back no matter how frequently or infrequently it is.xx

  4. No don’t going, just turn it it into a photography blog too, that way when your at a lost you can just post photo’s

  5. Would miss your fab bootfair finds too, I look forward to seeing them. I understand if you feel that your blog must end, but I hope you might reconsider after a break.

  6. Oh No! I love your blog whether or not you post every day or every week. It doesn’t matter. As long as you are still blogging. I guess that sounds selfish of me but I don’t care! I need to read your blog and know you are out there car booting and doing your thing. Yeah, take a break and don’t think you have to write something every day because you don’t. But, in the end, if you decide not to blog any more, I wish you the best and a happy life doing what you want to do. Take care.

  7. Well you have to do what is right for you, a break away may stir up your enthusiasm again!
    I would certainly miss your posts, especially seeing how many pairs of shoes you buy on a Sunday!
    Lisa x

  8. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, DONT even think about it!!! We’ll all die of boredom if we dont read your very candid posts. I can’t seem to imagine not having your Car Booty and Frock it post! Please dont consider keeping the pen down. Think of us, your very entertained readers!

  9. I’ve not been following you for long but I do enjoy what you write! If it becomes a chore rather than a pleasure though ………
    The idea above of posting just photos for a while and seeing how you go might work for you.
    Whatever you decide to do, be happy and find beautiful things in your life! 🙂

  10. Nooooooo! I would really miss your posts. I enjoy your frock posts, your ‘every day life’ posts, your, car booty posts, your film and book review posts.. in fact all your posts.

  11. OMG! I love your blog and check here every day. If you go you will surely be missed.


    I do hope you continue. If not I wish you well. (I will keep checking everyday just incase!)

  12. Aaaaaaw – and I really look forward to you being so organised on a Sunday, out to the boot sale and photographed in perfect time for me to read!! But you must do what is right for you and if something is becoming a duty rather than a joy, it’s time to kick it into touch – take care whatever you decide 🙂

  13. Way to make me feel bad, Caroline! 😦 I would be SO sad to keep checking in and find no one at home…would definitely leave you on my blog list so I’m aware of any time you popped back in.

    For some reason after reading this post, I have an old joke running through my mind about the man who went on vacation leaving his cat with his brother. When he called home and asked how the cat was, his brother told him it was dead. ‘What? You couldn’t break it gently?’ to which the brother at home asked how he might do that. The vacationing brother says, ‘well, the first day you could have told me that tbe cat was on the roof. Then the next day you could tell me he fell off the roof and is having to stay at the veterinarian’s. Then the next day you could tell me he took a turn for the worse. Then, once I had time to accept how things were going you could tell me he died. Oh, never mind, let’s change the subject. How’s mom?’ And the brother at home says, ‘Mom’s up on the roof.’

    With that in mind, I am terrified to ask how you are feeling about WWF these days. 🙂

  14. I had the same problem with my blog. I let mine fade away for a while and then took the decision to let it go completely during a period of ill health and a lot of commitments. I do miss it at times but found all too often writing a post had become a chore and not a pleasure. So I understand your delemma.
    What I do wish is that I hadn’t deleted it, that it was still there should I want to go back and do an occasional update or vent my annoyance/delight at something. At the end of the day write for yourself and not for others.
    BTW I do love reading your blog and especially enjoy the posts on your booting finds and selling on evilbaby.

  15. Oh no, I’d miss your posts like crazy if you do decide to stop blogging – especially the Sunday boot sale finds and the frock-it posts – but I know exactly where you’re coming from with blogging becoming a chore at times. Whatever you decide to do in the future I wish you health,wealth and happiness.

  16. don’t leave us Caroline! I don’t see you as often as we used too, and I love being able to catch up with you via your blog, maybe just don’t feel obliged to blog daily and just when you have something to say – and I know that is quite often with you! lots of love xxx

  17. Well, Sunday’s been and gone and it just didn’t feel the same!! Where’s all the fabby shoes?! But I hope you managed to snare some bargains anyway!! 🙂

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