Friday Chit-Chat

The rain has been RELENTLESS this week – almost constant, and due to continue by the looks of it – is there any more depressing a sight than this?

Although it does FINALLY look as thought the temp is going to creep upwards – thank goodness for that – almost May and I’ve still got my central heating on every morning and evening!

On the positive side, as I type this the sun is shining, albeit briefly, and it’s Friday – yay!

I’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts this week, don’t really know why, just generally a bit meh.  Slightly bored, very fed up with the weather, a bit worried about William, who’s been having some minor friend-related problems at school and is quite fed up about it, and the old chestnut, miserable about my weight and my seeming inability to talk myself into knuckling down and losing some.  Same old same old.

I also had a couple of unpleasant eBay people earlier this week, who were quite nasty to deal with.  Then on Wednesday, I’d sold a couple of wicker chairs, and the buyer was supposed to be coming to collect them in the afternoon.  He phoned me in the morning saying his car was being mended and wasn’t going to be ready that day, so I offered to drop the chairs round to him as it was only a little way out of my way on the school run.  When I did so, he gave me a huge bar of chocolate to say thanks, which restored my faith in the human race.

More than 95% of the people I deal with on eBay are really nice, but when you do get a problematic one, it tends to make you forget all the good ones until something nice like that happens.

The cats have woken us up almost every night this week, howling and fighting with another cat who we think is coming in through the cat flap and eating their food.  We’ve tried locking the cat flap at night so they can’t come in, in the past, but our cats are such thugs that they just bash away at the door until it literally snaps off.

No wonder he sleeps all day, after keeping me up all night!!

I had my hair highlighted yesterday at a new salon that I haven’t been to before.  Not only was it considerably cheaper than the one I’ve been going to for the last few years, I was also much more pleased with the colour, which is great.  The only downside is that the girl who did my hair is expecting a baby so will be going off on maternity leave soon!

We’re off out for dinner with friends this evening to a Michelin-starred restaurant in Torquay, The Elephant, which has apparently been listed in the Top 100 Restaurants in the UK, so we’re expecting great things.

I had a quick wander around a couple of charity shops in between showers earlier this week, but pickings seem slim at the moment, and I only came home with a few books.

I have whiled away quite a bit of time this week watching the recent BBC series, The Syndicate, which I’ve really enjoyed.

I’m also still working my way through Spooks, and was reduced to tears yesterday by the finale of Season 3 – it just gets better with every episode, can’t wait for the first disc of Season 4 to arrive from Lovefilm.

Other than this evening’s outing, we don’t have any definite plans for the weekend, but I quite fancy a nice walk on Dartmoor if the rain holds off for long enough – it would be nice to blow the cobwebs away and get some fresh air.


10 thoughts on “Friday Chit-Chat

  1. It’s about the same weather-wise here in the middle of the US. This morning it was 39 when I woke up (I think that’s about 3 or 4 C) We were so spoiled in March having May-like weather, several days in the low 80’s (26 – 28 C). Was so chilly this morning I was wondering if it hadn’t snowed overnight, but the mercury is creeping slowly upward.

  2. Don’t mean to brag, but we have been enjoying gorgeous days here in Texas. But before we know it, it will be 100 degrees (37ish C) and I will be melting.

    A friend of mine is leaving in May and coming over your way for a month or two. She’s having some trouble knowing how to pack. Any suggestions?

  3. Our weather has been really annoying for the last couple of days – bright sunshine, then moments later torrential rain. The rest of the time it’s been steady rain without the bright sunshine.
    I loved Spooks so I’m not surprised that you are really enjoying it.
    Enjoy your meal tonight – sounds lovely.

  4. I’m with you about the weather, it’s so rubbish. Hope you have a fab night out and that the meal lives up to the expectations.
    How can you say your cat is a thug when he looks so adorable?! They can be little monsters when they wake us up during the night. Melvin woke me up at 3am licking my face and my fingers!
    Lisa x

  5. Gawd, ain’t this weather just totally crapulous. You’re in for a treat with season 4 (and beyond) of Spooks as they get better and better as they go on. We’ve made it up to the end of series 6 so far and they’ve all been excellent with some really gripping story lines – Ros Myers is brilliant.

  6. I was actually hot today and had to take my coat off. Wow. It’s a bit sunny here. Today,more please. And I managed to put on several kilos since feb. and it doesn’t seem to be going away by itself dammit

  7. eBay is great when it’s great and bad when it’s bad isn’t it!

    I’m loving all the money rolling in when I sell things but every so often you have a difficult seller or someone doesn’t pay and you can’t even leave them negative feedback anymore and warn other sellers!!

    Victoria xxx

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