Sunday Car Booty

It never ceases to amaze me in this day and age how wrong the Met Office get the weather forecast almost ALL the time.  This morning, we were assured by both BBC and ITV, would be dawning with pouring rain expected all morning.  When I woke just after six, the sun was shining, and has continued to shine ever since (it’s now just after 9).

Unfortunately, the rubbish weather forecast had obviously deterred sellers at this morning’s car boot as there were far fewer than is normal for this time of year.

I sorted through an inordinate amount of tat in order to find some treasure today, but I was quite pleased with my finds, and even more pleased to be back home with a large cup of tea!

M&S Autograph brown leather bag £4

Louis Vuitton wheeled holdall £5.  It is a fake, obviously, and it needs some attention to one of the handles, but I just couldn’t leave it behind!

Pristine vintage child’s bedding.  £1 for two sheets and two pillowcases.  Love the design!

Timberland toddler clothes, £1 each

Gorgeous shoes – black Kurt Geiger wedges (too narrow for my hooves, sadly), and fab tan Faith wedges, which fit me!  £1.50 each.

Liberty/Hello Kitty nail polish set, £2

Morgan boots £1.50.

A good morning’s shopping, I think.  I’m off to eat a sausage sandwich and attack a large pile of ironing, no doubt accompanied by the London Marathon on TV.

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10 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. Big roll of thunder here North of Manchester and now blue skies!!
    Haven’t been to a carboot in years. I was always amazed at the rubbish people thought might sell.
    Looks like a dedent haul you’ve got there.

  2. Love the handbag and I bet you get a good price on ebay for that bedding. More footwear bargains for you, enjoy your sausage sarnie!
    Lisa x

  3. Yup, same rubbish weather forecast here in Essex too – should be heavy downpours by now but it’s blue skies and sunshine all the way. Too late for me to attempt the boot sale now though and, like in your area, I suspect the bad forecast would have put many sellers off anyway. Love the Liberty / Hello Kitty set, the M&S handbag and the vintage bedding set you found.

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