March Movies

Better late than never (is it REALLY already 12th April?!), a round up of the films I watched during March:

1.   Sarah’s Key

After recently reading the book, I was a bit trepidatious about watching the movie, as I didn’t want to be disappointed.  Luckily I wasn’t, and the distressing nature of some of the storyline was dealt with sensitively but without glossing over it.  For me the book has the edge, but the movie is well worth watching as well.

2.   Stepmom

I’m a big fan of both Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon, so I don’t know how I’d managed not to see this film before.  It was a jolly good, girly, weepy Saturday afternoon in bed type of movie, and I enjoyed it.

3.   Limitless

The premise of this film (what if there was a pill that could make you rich and powerful?) was a bit more fantasy-based than my usual choices when it comes to movies, but the lure of Bradley Cooper swung it for me!  I enjoyed this more than I anticipated – lots of action kept my attention all the way through.

4.   Trust

A worrying reminder that on the internet, everything is not always what it seems, particularly if you’re a young, impressionable teenage girl.  The message was a good one, the film not so much – I don’t know whether it was the acting, or the lines themselves, just made it all a bit unbelievable for me.

5.   Source Code

It’s very rare that Ashley, William and I sit down and watch a movie together and all enjoy it, but we did enjoy Source Code.  Again, it was not my usual cup  of tea (all a bit on the sci-fi side), but it was quite cleverly written, and I (mostly) understood what was going on!

Re-watched Salt this month as well, as it was on Sky and Ashley hadn’t seen it.  I absolutely loved it the first time I saw it (in the cinema), and  was disappointed that I found it all a bit far-fetched and not nearly so enjoyable the second time around.  Perhaps it’s just one of those films that’s better on the big screen.

Have you watched any good films lately?



6 thoughts on “March Movies

  1. I haven’t watched anything at home, but in the last month I actually went to the cinema twice – First to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which I thoroughly recommend, and then just last weekend we saw Mirror, Mirror, which was good fun and you should enjoy if you like Julia Roberts!

  2. Have seen all of those but haven’t seen Salt. No tell a lie – I haven’t seen ‘trust’ either but am going to see if it is out on Netflix.
    If you like ‘Stepmom’ you should read Jane Green’s new book – also about ‘blended families.’ Here it is called ‘another piece of my heart’ but in UK ‘the patchwork marriage’ for some reason. Anyway – better than her last few.
    I haven’t seen an amazing film for a long time but of course now the kids are off school there’s loads I want to see…….

  3. I have watched Step Mom once, quite a few years after it came out. I can never see a reference to it without thinking of my best friend…I can picture her standing in my mother’s front yard wearing a baseball cap and telling me how she had just seen it (when it was first out), and she HATED it. She was going through cancer treatments at the time, and she thought the Susan Sarandon character was a real quitter for not fighting harder. My friend died thirteen years ago this month.

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