Frock It!

It’s been a while, but suddenly today the mood took me, and I decided to share a few of the outfits that have caught my eye of late.

The Royals have been out and about rather a lot over the last few weeks and for a change, it hasn’t been the Duchess of Cambridge who’s been catching my eye quite as much as usual.

The Queen chose this lovely pink outfit for a service to mark Commonwealth Day recently …

I think this colour suits her so well, and it’s lovely to see some nice brights after a long, dark winter.

The Duchess of Cornwall has been embracing some colour as well …

… and looked very stylish in purple at the same event.

Camilla seems to be becoming far more confident with her fashion choices, and I also really liked this navy and white combination she wore to the Queen Mother’s Memorial recently.

She carries off those big hats really well, I think.

Talking of hats, I noticed Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, wearing another hat in the sideways style she seems to rather like …

She’s rather fond of her neutrals, Sophie, and I don’t particularly like this outfit as it accentuates her waist, which isn’t really her best feature.  It would be nice to see her embrace some colour this year.

Moving on, Zara was looking glamorous at Cheltenham races a few weeks ago …

Managing to wrap up warm and still look fab – top marks!

My last Royal is Princess Beatrice, who attended a Maundy Thursday service at York Minster looking far better than I’ve seen her look for ages …

I don’t know if she’s taken a fashion lesson from her cousin’s wife, as this whole look is rather similar to some of Kate’s recent outfits, but I love the addition of the hat, which stops it looking too plain and severe …

Moving on, it’s a few weeks now since the Camerons’ US visit, but I must mention that Sam Cam looked so much better than usual.  I particularly liked the following two outfits …


She still needs something doing with her hair, though.  I really love Mrs O’s evening dress and statement necklace – just fabulous.

However, they were both overshadowed by Anna Wintour, US Vogue editor, who attended the same White House dinner in this elegant Chanel evening dress …

It was a nice surprise to see Paris Hilton, whose normal fashion choices look more like this …

… wearing this really pretty summer maxi dress recently …

I think this is the nicest thing I’ve ever seen her wear!

I haven’t seen an awful lot in the way of frocky horrors recently, but this one definitely makes the grade …

Alesha Dixon at the Britain’s Got Talent auditions.  Horrible dress, and horrible, horrible shoes.  Yuk.

Frock It wouldn’t be complete without a lovely evening dress, and although it’s a while back now, this is still one of my favourite dresses of the year so far – the lovely Cameron Diaz in Gucci at the Oscars …

Oh, I want that dress …..

Right, that’s it for another edition of Frock It.  Do you like my choices?  Or have I got it all wrong?  I’d love to know what you think.



7 thoughts on “Frock It!

  1. I agree that all the Royals are looking good, but I can’t agree about Sam Cam, that blue dress is lovely but she is so drab. Didn’t like Alesha’s dress but I’d have legs like those any day!
    Lisa x

  2. The Queen’s outfits are fab this year. Wonder if she has a new adviser? I haven’t seen it myself, but apparently the latest Vogue has a page called The Rainbow Queen, showing HM in dozens of different styles. It must be rather like one of those paper doll dressing books. How I used to love them!
    Alesha! How a woman with legs like hers could make such a guy of herself is unbelievable.

  3. I wasn’t crazy about Mrs. Cameron’s long dress, it looks a little grandmotherly to me. I like her hair. Probably because I have hair that takes no curl whatsoever, so I’m stuck with pretty much one style per length, so I’m thinking hers may be the same.

    I thought Paris Hilton’s dress was very nice (the long one), but the accessories brought it down for me. That purse looks frumpy, and I can only imagine that she was carrying her dog around in it.

  4. I like all the Royals’ outfits. I don’t know who Alesha is but don’t like her outfit at all and like everyone said, yes, she has great legs but if only she would have dressed herself differently, she would be a real standout. As for Ms.Diaz, maybe because I don’t care for her but I never really like what she wears. This particular dress is quite pretty though. Love the dark blue dress Michelle Obama is wearing. I thought Mrs. Cameron looked a step up from her usual. I actually like her hair. I guess when you have curly hair, you want straight hair like hers. It’s always like that.

  5. I agree the royals are looking good (apart from Sophie Wessex’s side-of-the-head hats which I don’t think suit her) and there was another outfit Beatrice wore with a floral skirt/dress which I thought looked great on her.
    I have to disagree about Sam Cam. The dress is slightly better than some things I’ve seen her in, but the trousers and belted pink top do nothing for me. Even with something done to her hair I don’t think I’d like it.
    Alesha’s outfit is dreadful. I think my favourites this week are Anna Wintour and Cameron Diaz.

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