Geographical Issues

I had a recent conversation with somebody who shall remain nameless, which went like this:

Them:  We’ve just booked to go to Tenerife for a week at Easter.

Me: Oh, that’ll be nice.  But I thought you mentioned that you were about to book up to go to Florida last time I spoke to you?

Them: Oh God, no, I wouldn’t want to go to Florida.  It was Miami that I was keen on – thinking about doing that later in the year.

Me: Oh ….. OK.

I didn’t quite know how to point out that Miami is IN Florida without sounding like a total smartarse, so I didn’t.  But it did make me giggle.




6 thoughts on “Geographical Issues

  1. Hilarious. I once had a conversatiion when I first worked for the Police back in the seventies. We had a new Officer and we asked where he was from. He said Mauritius and one of the other girls in the typing pool said, “Oh is that near Birmingham?”

  2. Met an American once who said they had been to England…loved it. They went to London and then a little place just outside of there ….began with S……


    (My American geography is not the best, despite living here a fair while but EVEN SO…)

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