Center Parcs – In Pictures

We had a brilliant few days at Center Parcs, and the weather was just amazing, but unfortunately since we came home on Friday, I’ve been struck down with some hideous cold/bug/flu thing, that I just can’t get shot of.  So a bunch of pictures is all I’m fit to post today, I’m afraid.  Apologies for the lack of words.




10 thoughts on “Center Parcs – In Pictures

  1. That looks really nice – its quite expensive though isn’t it?!
    I wish I could get one of those green tables and chairs – I quite like the look of that!
    Sorry you are not feeling so great now, but at least you were not ill on holiday.
    Hope you feel better soon.

    • We were very lucky that friends had booked this amazing 4 bedroom treehouse, and invited us to join them, wouldn’t let us pay. Have to be honest, it is VERY expensive, and I don’t think I’d pay that sort of money to go there myself, but we had a fantastic time. x

  2. The tree houses are truly spectacular, especially for the children. Far too highly priced though. We have had many a happy memory created whilst at Centre parcs. My youngest still loves the archery and the falconry.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    X x

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