Monday Monday

After  a rubbishy week last week (nothing major, just lots of little things), the weekend has been bloody awful as well.  Ashley had raging toothache which started at about 8 pm on Saturday night and went on, getting worse and worse, for the rest of the weekend, resulting in a total of two hours’ sleep for Ashley since Saturday morning, and about six for me.

Thankfully, our dentist is also a friend of ours, and when I phoned him at home at 7 this morning, he said to take Ashley in before surgery started this morning.  So he’s now been x-rayed, is novocained up to the max (“this’d knock an elephant out” said Martin as he injected it!), has hoofing great antibiotics and a selection of industrial painkillers.  He’s back in bed, and hopefully will now be able to get some sleep.  Though he’s told me to wake him up at 12 so he can go into the office, as he has appointments.  The joys of self-employment.

I’m feeling rather jaded as well – unsurprisingly – and am struggling to write a coherent sentence here.

We’re off to Center Parcs tomorrow after Will breaks up from school at 4 pm.  I’m not sure what we’re going to make of it, as it’s the first time we’ve been – it’s never been something I’ve fancied much – all those bloody kids everywhere!  But we’re going with friends who love it, and also hate crowds of kids, so maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.  I’m keeping an open mind, anyway, and if the weather stays like this, it’ll be great.

So I shall be taking a little break from the blog this week, and will no doubt be back at the weekend with the full run-down on our Center Parcs experience.

Have a good week in the sunshine!




8 thoughts on “Monday Monday

  1. That is horrible but I am sure you will have a great time at Centre Parc. Hope you are taking lots of books to read. Did you see Jodie Picoult on Breakfast this morning? Very interesting, she was talking about her new book and how she spent time in Devon with a guy who lived with wolves. But OMG she does need to see a hairdresser!

  2. Sorry to hear about a difficult weekend but at least you have Centre Parcs to look forward to.

    I’ve never been myself but many friends and family love it there.

    Victoria xxx

  3. Im sure you will enjoy your much needed break! Fingers crossed that this lovely weather stays around for you.

  4. SO sorry about the tooth ache troubles…for Ashley, of course, but also for YOU! My hubs has had a few that had me nearly wanting to put him out of his misery. 🙂 Have fun this week!

  5. Toothache is so wearing, hope the combo of the painkillers and antibiotics and treatment does the trick for Ashley.
    Never been to CP either, but everyone who I know who has gone has enjoyed it so fingers crossed you all have lots of fun.
    Lisa x

  6. Hope you have/had fun at Center Parcs. It’s a long time since I was last there, but I remember enjoying it and not feeling it was overcrowded with kids – something I wouldn’t enjoy either.
    Sorry about Ashley’s toothache – hope it’s feeling better now.

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