A Little Monthly Treat

After my moratorium on purchasing any make up or beauty products for the whole of 2011, I thought I may go a bit mad when the ban was lifted on January 1st this year.  However, although I’ve bought a few bits and bobs, I certainly haven’t been over the top – a few nail polishes, some bits to replace things that have run out, and a couple of things I’ve had my eye on for a while.

However, I have given in to temptation with a subscription to one of the monthly beauty boxes which have taken off in a big way since the second half of last year.  There are several companies getting in on the act, but after a bit of research, I decided to go with Glossybox.

It costs £10 plus £2.95 p&p each month, and you receive a box through the post with a selection of five or six miniature beauty products.  I think it’s a great way of trying new things that you maybe wouldn’t get the opportunity to try otherwise, and I cannot resist the gorgeous packaging each month, either!

This was my first box …

Love the pale pink!

And look how beautiful it is inside …

The box was so lovely, I almost didn’t care about the contents!

But they didn’t disappoint, either …

An eclectic selection – from hand sanitizer (probably my least favourite item, but it does smell lovely), through gorgeous zingy wake-up shower gel, a Bare Minerals miniature eye shadow, which is fab, a Paul Mitchell hair styling treatment oil, to my favourite product – the Becca Beach Tint for lips, which is watermelon flavoured and has the most amazing satin finish so soft it almost feels like putting powder on your lips.  Love this and will definitely buy another when I run out.

When you sign up, you fill in details of your skin type, hair colour, product preferences etc, so each box is tailored to your personal profile to a certain extent.

This month’s box arrived yesterday morning, and I was delighted to find it was just as good as the previous one …

Again, I was so wrapped up in admiring the packaging, the contents were (almost) secondary!

And again, when I finally got around to looking at them, they didn’t disappoint …

I haven’t yet had a chance to try everything out, but the mini Burberry lipstick is great – although it looks very dark and I initially though ugh, not my colour at all, it goes on almost like a gloss and the colour is quite translucent, and the Fendi perfume smells lovely.

I’m a definite fan of this concept, and I’ve noticed a half price voucher floating about the interweb today for one of the other companies who do a monthly box, so I may well be about to give in to temptation again ….

The boxes make great storage cartons once all the products are gone as well – my pink one is already full of nail polish!


6 thoughts on “A Little Monthly Treat

  1. I adore the ojon hair products. expensive but I think my hair sometimes needs it, as I tend to neglect it. I cant wait to hear what you think of it.

  2. Someone else I know also has these boxes and I have been in two minds about them…..apart from the fact that they don´t come to Spain. It still seems quite an expensive way of getting a lot of products that you don´t necessarily like or use. For example for me a lipstick must be red or brown if I got a pink one then it would have to be passed on, so that would be a waste. What I prefer is FREE samples, I wonder why.

  3. That lip tint in the first box sounds very cool. And I love Bare Minerals. Like Dr Bronner’s too, though I’ve never seen their hand sanitizer (and never use it, I just wash my hands a hundred times a day). I love opening pretty boxes!!! 🙂

  4. It’s like birthdays and Christmas every month!

    I do love the idea of these boxes as it gives you a chance to try allsorts of things you might never have usually opted for! At the moment I’m trying to work my through numerous toiletries but maybe when they run low I’ll be signing up!

    Victoria xxx

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