Catching Up

I cannot believe that in a couple of weeks’ time, a QUARTER OF 2012 will be gone!!  Although we’ve packed a lot into the first two and half months of 2012, I haven’t made much (if any) headway with my plans to get fitter and healthier and lose weight this year.  Which is something I need to think about.

We got back yesterday evening from a fabulous four days in London with friends, utterly exhausted after packing so much in, but having had a brilliant time.

So I was quite pleased when I glanced at my diary this morning, to see that I have a fairly quiet week this week.  There’s quite a lot of boring stuff I need to get done, so it’s time for one of my epic to do lists, I think:

  • Send Paypal money to Mum
  • Clean downstairs windows inside and out.
  • Passport application to complete – need to get Ashley to take my photo.
  • Clear pile of stuff on desk.
  • Research beauty wholesalers for Shellac supplies.
  • Return library books.
  • Declutter chest of drawers on landing.
  • Sort out bottom drawer of filing cabinet.
  • Empty email inbox.
  • Write Tripadvisor reviews x 3.
  • Sort out policies file at school.
  • Continue sorting iPhoto files on computer.
  • Get out in the sunshine for a couple of walks and enjoy the feeling of spring being in the air.
  • Clean the house.  When the sun comes out, I realise how dusty everything is!

What are your plans for the week?


6 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Wow, you’ve got some list there. You’re very ambitious! It’s so beautiful here today in NE USA.
    I have to get out and take a walk. I too have been trying to watch my diet but to no end. I need to try harder. I envy your trip to London. I love London. Where did you go and what did you see? Can you share what good restaurants you went to? Thanks Arlene

  2. That’s a busy list! My plans are to get to work every day and not succumb to the bad cold which seems to be developing in my head/throat. Dinner out in London on Wednesday evening, do some more laundry, get up to date with the ironing, consider packing away some winter clothes so that I can see my Spring ones and finish my book.

  3. Going to work earlier and staying later this week. Driving in the terribly foggy mornings! Laundry going as we speak. Days off on Thursday and Friday, so they are DECLUTTER days!!! Pack the flannel sheets away, and put the spring linens on the bed. Blog. Read. Eat. Repeat.

  4. My weekly list includes just surviving…. not literally, but in between homework, soccer practises for one and 2 baseball practises and 4 baseball games (watching paint dry is more entertaining)….. all by Sunday.
    Maybe the odd load of laundry and book to read thrown in there too…

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