Menu Planning Monday

I picked up Jamie’s America when Will and I visited the library on Saturday morning, and spent a very happy couple of hours flicking through the pages of fab food porn this weekend – there are so many recipes that I want to try that I may well still be renewing this book every three weeks in six months’ time!

We tried the churros recipe for Sunday afternoon tea yesterday, and it was just delicious – although I’ve eaten a lot of churros in my time, I’ve never attempted to make them, but they turned out delicious.  Unfortunately, they were devoured so quickly that there’s no photo, but they did turn out pretty much like this pic in the book (always like it when that happens!)

So most of our meals for this week are planned around Jamie’s America.

Monday – I’m out for lunch at today to celebrate a friend’s 50th birthday, so won’t be wanting more than a sandwich for dinner, I suspect.  Ashley and Will are having leftover lamb rogan josh from the freezer.

Tuesday – Rustic Tortilla Soup and Cheesy Cornbread (both recipes from the book)

Wednesday – Killer Mac n Cheese (also from the book)

Thursday – not sure yet as it’s Ashley’s mother 70th birthday so we may well be out.

Friday – Crab Balls with Salsa  (does that sound a bit wrong, or is it just me?!), yet another one from the book.

Ashley brought home some king crab from the hotel last week, and used it to make the most delicious risotto last Saturday night.  There was loads of crab left over, though, so we’ve refrozen it (how naughty!) and will use it for this recipe.

Weekend – who knows?  It’s too far away for me to think about yet!


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4 thoughts on “Menu Planning Monday

  1. I have got Jamie´s book and made several of the creole type dishes. Most of the recipes though are very fattening. Very jealous of the crab. One of my all time favourites. So yummy.

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