Sunday Car Booty – The Totally Excellent Edition

I always enjoy my car boot shopping trips, but every so often there’ll be an absolutely stand-out Sunday morning when I pick up lots of interesting bits and bobs for totally bargain prices and meet and chat to some really interesting people – and I think ‘now THIS is why I force myself out of bed at silly o’clock every weekend’.  This morning, to add to all this joy, the sun was shining, too.  Now that’s what I call a good start to Sunday.

Here’s what I bought:

Two brand new, pristine (still with labels attached!) vintage linen table cloths.

Three full size Ren skincare products – £7 the lot.

Miniature boxed Gaultier perfume 50p, huge Elizabeth Arden toner 50p, Space NK body lotion £1.

Gabor wedges £1.50, H&M wedges £1, amazing vintage Carvela (1970s, I think – am I right, anybody?) flat yellow sandals £1, the latter of which I bought from a lovely elderly lady who told me they used to be her favourite shoes in her younger days and they could tell a story or two if they could talk, and that she felt rather sad to be parting with them.

DKNY body lotion £1.50 each, Body Shop giftset 50p.

Monsoon linen skirt £1.50.

Really pretty cut glass Derwent Crystal bowl (boxed) – £2.

Brand new sealed WHSmith Ltd Edition Christmas jigsaw from 2006, 50p.

Gorgeous little girl’s Monsoon party shoes and Clarks boots, 50p each.

Vintage 1960s white vinyl handbag, £1.25.  Made in Ireland.  And because I know the vintage lovers among you love a little peek at a label, specially for you …

I think Sunday in this household is going to be a quiet one, as I am surrounded by ill people – Ashley and William are both coughing like 40-a-day smokers with advanced emphysema.  Best go and put my nurse’s uniform on!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend x


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19 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty – The Totally Excellent Edition

  1. Glad you did so well today. Always amazed with your finds…and how you get back home and take photos and blog it so quickly for us nosey parkers!!! When I saw the handbag I thought ‘Margaret Thatcher’.

  2. I absolutely love those Carvela sandals, they are fabulous! Thanks for sharing the handbag label, there’s something about old labels that make me so happy! xx

  3. Amazing finds – as always, Caroline. I’m particularly loving the vintage linens and some of those fabulous toiletries. Weather permitting, our local boot sales could start again next Sunday – yee-ha!!

  4. Loving the handbag (thanks for showing the label!).

    Those little Monsoon pumps are gorgeous, my little girl would love them.

    Glad you had a good Sunday, hope everyone’s better now x

  5. Love your haul. When I think I used to lounge about in bed on a Sunday, now I can’t wait to get up and go hunting.

    You have some fab stuff there, I love finding great bargains and especially love the chat with sellers xx

  6. I am a real table cloth freak. I just love beautifully set tables and the cloth is so much a part of that. I can see you had great fun. The little girl’s shoes are pretty.

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