Favourite Things On A Friday

Time to think about the things that have made me smile this week.  Linking up with Liv’s Little Bliss List and Mimi & Tilly’s Favourite Things Friday.


1.   A Trip To the Library

I just love the library – such an amazing free resource that I don’t make nearly enough use of.  Coming out with a pile of books to read always makes me happy.


2.   Lilies

My friend Lisa brought me these two weeks ago when she and her family came over for dinner, and they are still looking (and smelling) absolutely gorgeous.

3.   Compliments

It was Parents’ Evening at school yesterday, and all the teachers said such nice things about William – not only about his work, but about him as a person, too.  “He’s a pleasure to teach” and “William is a potentially brilliant student” were two of my favourites.  I’m a very proud mummy.

4.   My Own Company

Ashley was working away this week and although it’s always lovely to have him back home again, sometimes it’s nice to have the TV remote and the bed all to myself, and not to have to cook proper dinners.  I love my own company and could quite happily go for days without feeling the need to see another living soul!

5.   An Old Friend

I was tracked down on Facebook this week by a childhood friend who lived up the road from me when we were in primary school.  We were great friends until her family moved away, and it was lovely to hear from her and exchange all our news from the last 35 years!




9 thoughts on “Favourite Things On A Friday

  1. I love the library too, and can’t believe I get to read all those books for free! Zaide is a gorgeous dog isn’t he. He is such a softy and very well trained thanks to the Guide Dogs Association. I’ve loved reading your list today. Em ♥

  2. I don’t use the library enough these days. There are so many libraries that are closing here in the USA. I received as a Christmas gift a Nook (like a Kindle) and I thought that maybe alot of people just order paperless books now and maybe that’s why the libraries are in trouble. Also, our economy is not good and budgets are cut back and of course the first things they cut are things that I think are important – school budgets and library and other municipal services for people. I feel those are so important but I’m not in charge.
    Congrats on your son’s very excellent progress in school. It must feel so good to hear great things about him and how well he is doing.

  3. I love books and the library … can’t have enough books! 😀 😀 The lilies are beautiful. Kudos to William! It’s fun to find old friends. Wishing you a bliss filled week!

  4. I keep meaning to use my library more – it is so easy to order from Amazon now and have books delivered to the door! I should get some excercise and walk to the library (only one mile!).

    Well done to William.

  5. Despite not having bought a book since Dec 31st I have been getting lots of library books…..always feel under more pressure to get them read though….I go weekly so it is easy to renew them but still…. love the lilies. 2 weeks? Wow – lasting well!

    Out parents’ evenings (parent teacher conferences) are next week – for which the kids are therefore out of school for 3 DAYS. Fingers crossed….

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