Sunday Car Booty

Still freezing cold, but as I haven’t been to a car boot sale for a few weeks, thought I’d make the effort this morning.  Brrrr!

Here are today’s purchases:

Shoes – brand new Faith leather heels £1, Clarks pink boots £1.50, Clarks Doodles 50p

A white top for me – £1

A whole bunch of vintage knitting patterns – this is just a small selection.  Loving the 70s vibe!  £1 the lot.  William was singularly unimpressed when I threatened to knit him a tank top like the one the little boy is wearing on the right hand pic!

Soap & Glory giftset £1.50 and Jean Paul Gaultier Shower Gel £1 – both brand new.

Huge 500 ml L’Occitane shea butter Body Lotion – only £1.  Just checked their website and a 250 ml one is £18!

And last but not least, thought I’d also show you this fab navy and white Per Una jacket which I picked up in Barnardo’s charity shop during the week for only £2.99.  Barnardo’s are currently in my bad books as they’ve started charging for carrier bags (not so much the money, more the fact that they aren’t recycling the ones that come in full of donations – disgraceful), but I couldn’t resist this bargain – particularly the lovely spotty lining.

Anyway, happy Sunday, whatever you may be doing.  I have a hot date with a pile of ironing while catching up with the last few episodes of Pan Am.  Our plans for this weekend have been somewhat scuppered as Will has a cold/flu thing and has been laid low since Friday.  He seems to be on the mend this morning, though, which is good.


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10 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. Wow, kudos to you Caroline, for braving the arctic chill this morning. Great finds, too – I’ve always found L’Occitane toiletries to be extremely good sellers on eBay. I am so with you on Barnardos charging for carrier bags – absolutely disgraceful – they should be reusing carrier bags as most other charity shops do.

  2. Hi Caroline 🙂 Just dropping by to say thank you for linking to Booking in Heels. I’ve never come across your site before, but I’ll be back.

    I love carboots! I always come back with way more than I should. You got a great bargain with those Faith heels – £1 is amazing. Haha, I used to work in the kids department at Clarks – I recognise those little pink boots!

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