This Week I’m …


Just finished the one on the left, which isn’t as light as the cover might have you believe, and covered some quite gritty stuff about modern day relationships and our expectations.  About to start Brick Lane by Monica Ali (loved the film, which I saw a couple of years ago), and am also dipping in and out of Clarissa Dickson Wright’s autobiography (one half of the TV chefs, the Two Fat Ladies).


There seems to be quite a lot of good stuff on the TV at the moment – I’m constantly play catch-up with the Sky Plus, anyway!  Really enjoying Call the Midwife on a Sunday night and One Born Every Minute, now in its third series and just as watchable as ever.  Have also been watching Junior Doctors, a fascinating (and sometimes a bit scary! docu-reality show following 8 newly qualified doctors in their first year of work on BBC3.

I recorded the two-part dramatisation of the Sebastian Faulks novel, Birdsong, which was on recently, and was well received generally, but I haven’t yet got around to watching it.   Guilty pleasures include The Biggest Loser and Toddlers & Tiaras – gotta love those pageant moms!


The recent very cold snap has rendered me about as keen on getting up as William’s tortoise of a morning, and I’ve spent a lot of time parked on the sofa with a hot cup of tea and my book, avoiding leaving the house whenever possible.  Roll on Spring.

Looking Forward To The Weekend …

What was looking like a very empty weekend only a couple of days ago is now full of good stuff – friends and their kids over for dinner on Friday night (have decided to cook Greek mezze type of food with slow cooked lamb as the centre piece; out for drinks and a curry with my brother and Amanda on Saturday night; and William has been invited to a friend’s for a sleepover on Saturday, too, so no babysitter required!

And Beyond

Half term next week – goodness, that’s come around quickly – and we are really looking forward to a whole week of not having to get up while it’s dark outside.  Yay!


4 thoughts on “This Week I’m …

  1. Is that Jane Moore new? I loved Brick Lane – read the book before I saw the movie. Hope you enjoy it!
    I cannot get into ‘call the midwife.’ I liked ‘prisoners’ wives’ last week. I have also been watching the Junior Doctors. They seem so unqualified to be on a ward – especially when they are putting in or trying to put in cannulas!
    Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead. Are you staying home for half term? No such thing here but Jan and Feb and March have a lot of odd days off on the school calendar….
    I finished ‘before you sleep’ and didn’t love it as much as everyone else. Good but not as un-put-down-able as everyone implied… IMO.
    When you tweeted about being in today and cold outside (did you go to Post office in the end?) I thought ‘blog about what you are reading/watching’….
    So glad you did!

  2. I’ve found lots of free books for the iPad Kindle app thingy, and have been ploughing through new authors, secure in the knowledge that if I don’t like any of it, it was free anyway!

    I don’t get time to watch tv 😦 but I do like a good murder mystery on one of the players!

  3. I loved rick Lane, I read the book years ago and the film was pretty true to it.
    Keep your eyes peeled for Brixton Beach by Roma Tearne, I picked it up when I was away and read it in a day. x

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