Weekly Goals #4

The nice thing about having weekly goals, rather than New Year’s Resolutions (or goals for the whole year) is when you cock up one week, there’s the chance to start again with a brand new sheet for the following week.

Yep, I messed up big style this week – when I got back from London, I didn’t put the brakes on the drinking and eating, and I spent most of the weekend arsing about on the internet and not achieving very much at all.

So last week’s goals were all a big, fat FAIL!  

Never mind.  Onwards and upwards.

This week:

1.   Walk six days, total of at least 10 miles.

2.   Find 1/2 an hour to read during the day – I’ve fallen into the habit of reading only when I go to bed at night and want to change this.

3.   Lose 2 lbs.

4.   Clear my desk every night so I sit down to an empty desk in the morning.  This habit has dropped by the wayside a little bit over the last week, and I need to reinforced it.

5.   Make list of what needs to be done in William’s new bedroom and the new spare bedroom.

6.   Make curtain for William’s bed.

7.   Make a start on sorting photograph files on computer.

Think that’s enough to keep me going for this week.  Let’s hope the results are an improvement on last week’s!



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