Sunday Car Booty

I was unenthused about getting up early this morning, but as there’s not a car boot sale next weekend (or so I overheard somebody say this morning), I was glad I made the effort, despite the fact that once again pickings were somewhat slim.

Mancala game (we LOVE this game, and all play a lot at home, so I was delighted to find this one for 50p to keep in the villa in Spain).  Clarins toner £1.50.

Long Tall Sally Tunic top – £2.50.

Slimming World books – £1.50 the lot.

Purple jumper for me £1.50, black boots £2.00

Two pairs of summer shoes – 5op each.

And here endeth today’s bargains.  Don’t know WHAT’s up with my internet connection – it’s just taken about 15 minutes to upload these photos.  Yet another joy of living in the bloody countryside.  Harrumph!

Am working on Ashley re a move to somewhere where we can walk to shops, pubs, restaurants – in fact we went to a view a house in town yesterday.  Huge project – HUGE project – but not for us, this one.  Lots of reasons, but can’t say I was sorry – don’t know if I’ve got another huge rebuild in me, to be honest.

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. Love the purple jumper you found for yourself – plus you got some pretty impressive other bargains too. I’m counting down for the start of the boot sale season here – less than two months to go, yay, weather permitting, of course.

    Our internet connection is totally cr*p here pretty much all the time, and we live in a town only 30 miles from central London – personally, I blame the rubbish Tesco internet service we’re signed up to.

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