London & Shopping

Got back earlier this afternoon from a lovely time in London with Mum, shopped till we dropped, never stopped chatting, ate some lovely food, drank more wine than we probably should have done, and generally enjoyed ourselves enormously.

I did lots of shopping, and thought I’d show you some edited highlights of my purchases (sure you don’t want to see all my new M&S underwear, for example!)

Lovely new blue suede shoes!

Colourful tea towels to replace my horrible old, stained ones, and brighten up my kitchen.

A couple of new Boots No 7 products I’ve been wanting to try for a while, and a gorgeous turquoise nail varnish.  I was quite excited to buy these, as they are the first beauty products I’ve bought since my year-long ban on buying any new toiletries, skincare or make-up.

Flip flops (summer – yay!) from Primark – only £2.50 a pair, so it seemed a shame not to get a pair in each colour!

Fabric to make a curtain for Will’s cabin bed, to hide all the junk underneath it.  Couldn’t believe John Lewis still had the same fabric I bought for this exactly purpose (but for the other end of the bed) four years ago – what a result!

New jewellery. I had a big earring clearout recently, so wanted a couple of new pairs to replace some of the ones I’d got rid of.

Another highlight of my London trip was meeting up in real life at last with my long-time blogging buddy Teresa, who blogs about her lovely life and all the things she gets up to over at TCakes.  Although it was a flying half-hour cup of coffee, it was great to meet in person at last, in the ‘big yellow store’ where Teresa works.

Hope everybody’s had a good week – I’ll be catching up with my blog reading over the weekend.


12 thoughts on “London & Shopping

  1. You really did shop til you drop!! Well done you! Especially finding so many nice things amongst the leftover sale stuff. Ooh sandals in Primark – I am going on a visit there tomorrow!!!

  2. Looks like a very successful trip! I love the blue suede shoes. I can’t wear shoes like that now and have resigned myself to flat, or low heels. Can’t believe the summer stuff is in the shops – I’m not organised enough to be thinking of buying it yet, and when I am thinking of it (June, maybe) it will all have gone and the autumn clothes will be there!

  3. It was so lovely to meet you too…. It may have been brief but it was lovely & you were exactly how I thought you would be!.. Hope you & mum had a great time. Let me know when you are coming up again… Have a great week xx

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