Weekly Goals #3

First of all, a summary of how last week panned out:

1.         Walk every weekday. SUCCESS!  I walked a total of 12.5 miles and even dragged the family out for a 6th walk on Sunday.

2.         Have six alcohol free days.  SUCCESS!  Although I drank rather a lot of wine on Friday night at Wetherspoons!

3.         Write down everything I eat.  FAILED.  Again.  Don’t know why I can’t get my head around this one.

4.         Lose four pounds.  SUCCESS!         I lost of a total of 5.5 lbs and am v. pleased.

5.         Move some money.  SUCCESS!  Switched a savings account to one that had a better interest rate, and moved the money that’s been sitting earning nothing for months.

6.         Have breakfast within 1.5 hours of waking up.  PARTIAL SUCCESS.  I wouldn’t say that I managed this every day, but there was an improvement overall.

7.         Make sure the pile of ‘stuff to do’ on my desk is cleared every evening.  SUCCESS!  It was so lovely sitting down to a cleared desk every morning and starting afresh.  This is a habit I intend to keep on with.

And here is this week’s list of goals – fairly short as I’m away for a few days this week:


1.  Do not put on any weight.  I’m off to London on Wednesday and there will be much eating and drinking, so I don’t think it’s realistic to expect to lose any weight this week.

2.     Three x 3 mile walks.

3.   Cross two things off my 50 small projects list.




7 thoughts on “Weekly Goals #3

  1. Some excellent successes there 🙂 Well done on the weight loss and walking – guess they are interlinked 🙂 What pedometer are you using?? I need to get one for me now i’m walking more – want to see for myself the increase in mobility each week.

  2. Well done you! Fabulous accomplishments. Go easy on yourself this week as like you said, you have your days away …..
    Oh to have a clear kitchen island (which becomes the dumping ground in our house daily)…I may have to take heed from your desk approach.
    Please report any famous people you see in London. Especially Olly Murs 🙂

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