Frock It!

It’s time for the first edition of Frock It for 2012, and it’s (almost) all about what the stars have been wearing to film premieres of late.

Last week saw the first screenings of The Iron Lady, the Margaret Thatcher biopic.  As an aside, I went to see it on Friday, and was hugely impressed by Meryl Streep and Jim Broadbent, and really quite disappointed in the film itself.  Anyway, enough of that, let’s have a look at who wore what.

Harry Potter actress, Fiona Shaw, looked like a car crash, quite honestly.  What WAS she thinking with those tights?

Emilia Fox wore this sort of 80s inspired dress, and although I don’t like shiny fabric as a rule, I thought she pulled this off rather well, and it was nice to see somebody wearing a dress suitable for the time of year.

Unlike Alexandra Roach, who plays the teenage Margaret Thatcher in the film …

I like the colour and the print, and if you ignore the strange gathering detail at the front that makes her look pregnant, it’s quite a pretty summer dress.  But it doesn’t say ‘film premiere’ and it doesn’t say ‘January’, either, as far as I’m concerned.

In fact all the young actresses were outdone, in my opinion, by the star herself, who looked radiant in this ensemble …



Loved this look.

Not so much a couple of nights later, however, when she attended the Paris premiere of The Iron Lady.

Call me cynical, but this looks as if she HAD to put on those boots because she’d forgotten the shoes she was PLANNING to wear with this outfit.   How can you get it so right and so wrong, all in one week?

The glamour stakes were saved at the Paris premiere, though, by the lovely Catherine Deneuve, who looked so effortlessly elegant and quintessentially French in this outfit …

I hope I look this good when I’m 68!

Moving on, the premiere of the much-talked-about Warhorse movie took place on Sunday night, attended by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

I’m not a huge fan of Kate’s lace frock, but again it’s nice to see somebody covering up their arms in a nod to the fact it’s winter.  And I do love Kate’s smile …

One dress that really caught my eye at this event was Emma Freud’s sequinned shift …

Lots of sequins is a difficult look to wear well – and it reminds me of old, overweight, over-rich American cruise ship passengers at formal night cocktail parties back when I worked on the ships – but I LOVE this whole look.  Apart from the tiara – did she nick it out of her daughter’s dressing up box?

Finally this week, two ‘what were you thinking’ looks:

TV presenter Cat Deeley looking as if she’s borrowed her granny’s cardy to put on over her pretty frock because it’s a bit nippy!

And supermodel Heidi Klum wearing the silliest pair of flares I’ve ever seen.  Don’t trip over ’em, Heidi!



7 thoughts on “Frock It!

  1. OMG those flares like something out of AbFab! She could have made a skirt out of the excess material. Sorry really hate that sequin frock. Like Kate´s dress but would look better shorter. Not that keen on any of the others but would have liked Meryl Streep´s boots with a thinner heel. Actually all quite boring – cannot beat a nice red dress at this time of the year.

  2. Alexandra Roach’s dress looks like she made it herself in a school sewing class IMO.
    Agree Meryl’s boots look way out of place!
    I swear we all had cardigans like Cat Deely’s – back for school in the 1970s – well I know I did. With an itchy zip. But with a dress – even as horrendous as that one? No no no.

  3. I’m afraid I’m going to have to disagree with you on three of the outfits. I don’t like Emilia Fox’s dress at all (although agree she looks good otherwise) – it looks as though someone has grabbed a handful or two of the fabric and stapled it at the side. Emma Freud’s dress is not my thing at all and the other one I disagree about is Kate – I quite like her lace frock. I agree with all your other comments, though. Heidi Klum looked fine until I scrolled down and saw the flares!

  4. Meryl looked great in the first photo – how nice to see a red carpet star wearing appropriate attire for January! I long to see them in gorgeous capes and coats. Cat Deeley should bear this in mind. But the boots in Meryl’s second photo are dreadful….they do nothing for anyone over the age of 20. I don’t like any of the lace frocks that Kate has been wearing – to me they always look cheap even if they’re not.

  5. I thought Alexandra Roach’s dress looked like she had made it herself too! I thought they pretty much all looked like what I might see at the local Historical Society Gala…not very movie premiere worthy with exception of the Duchess of Cambridge, I thought she looked lovely. I’m not usually a big fan of black lace overlays, but I swear she could make burlap look quite nice.

    The one thing that jumped out at me from each photo where they were visible were their hands. There really is no hiding age in the hands. Perhaps gloves will come back in fashion someday.

    I think that Ms. Streep is either a very light packer, or she forgot to pack a pair of heels to wear when the boots should have taken the night off. Either way, I kind of like her for the practicality.

  6. I love seeing photos of “what they wore” and wonder at how people can step out looking like they do! I love Catherine (Duchess not Deneuve. ) I’ve tried hard to dislike her but can’t help but find her sweet and kind. She always looks naturally beautiful, and seems to have a quiet calm about her which I love. And the girl can dress well! Wishing you all good things for 2012. Em x

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