The Gallery: My Awesome Photo

When I saw that Tara’s prompt for this week’s Gallery over at Sticky Fingers was ‘My Awesome Photo’, I knew I’d struggle to choose just one picture.  So I’ve chosen two! My middle name should be Anarchy really, shouldn’t it?!

So, here is my first:

I took this in the Maldives last year, of a fruit bat hanging from a palm tree (I’ve rotated it, as it looks far more ‘wow’ this way – the fruit bat, whilst very handsome, wasn’t actually able to defy gravity!).

The main reason that this photo is ‘Awesome’  is that Hubby had been trying all holiday to get a decent shot of a fruit bat, and spent a good deal of time madly hiding in foliage with his long lens poking out and generally stalking the wildlife.  I just happened to look up into a tree that I was sitting underneath reading on the last day of our hols, and there was the fruit bat.  And I just happened to have the SLR camera next to me with the long lens on.  And I just snapped it.  Hubby was incandescent with rage that I’d got the shot he’d been trying for a fortnight!  Yup – Awesome!

My second pic is of my niece, Sophie, on holiday this year.

Sophie loves having her picture taken and is happy to pose for me.  I love this picture because she looks quite serious and thoughtful, and I love the way the shadows fall on her face – it was taken just before sunset.

But this photo’s main Awesomeness, for me, is that it’s one of the best I’ve taken so far  (IMHO) without using automatic settings.  May there be many more!

I can’t wait to go and see everybody else’s awesome pics over at this week’s Gallery.


8 thoughts on “The Gallery: My Awesome Photo

  1. Love both photos. I so want to do a proper photography course to learn about it and see where I am going wrong.
    You should also have got one of your husband’s face when you told him you’d got that bat shot!!!

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