An Award (And A Total Cheat)

Gail over at A Curious Girl’s Guide To Life (isn’t that a fab name for a blog?) very kindly gave me this blog award last week – thank you, Gail.

I now apparently have to provide you with five random facts about myself that you don’t already know.  When you’ve been baring your life and soul online blogging for as long as I have, it’s quite difficult to think up things your readers don’t already know, so I’m going to shamelessly reproduce (and slightly edit to bring up to date) a post I wrote back in April 2009, entitled 100 Random Facts About Me (Well, Only 90 Really).

Here we are:

1. I hope to design and build my own house one day.
2. I enjoyed playing netball at school.
3. But hated hockey.
4. I drink far more white wine than is probably good for me.
5. I do not suffer fools gladly.
6. And am very impatient.
7. And a total control freak.
8. I adore stationery.
9. But not as much as I love making lists.
10. I don’t know what I did with my time before the internet was invented.
11. I like cooking ….
12. But not as much as I like eating.
13. My iPod is with me at all times.
14. And so is my digital camera.
15. Blogging has opened up a whole new world for me, and I think about what I’m going to write about next ALL the time!
16. I’ve so enjoyed making new friends via my blog, and they all feel like ‘real’ friends now.
17. All my photographs are filed chronologically in albums (anal, yeah!)
18. My Mum is one of my best friends.
19. I have more shoes than I can count – and I love them all!
20. I bought a mountain bike last week, but haven’t managed to cycle more than a mile yet.
21. My (second) cousin is married to Prince Edward
22. I worked on board P&O cruise liners for five years as an Assistant Purser.
23. I was sacked from my job as a Recuitment Consultant, after telling my boss that I found telephone calls to my home at 4 am by him unacceptable (I quit as well – our letters crossed in the post).
24. I can’t remember the names of some of my old boyfriends!

25. And one of them whose name I can remember recently ignored my friend request on Facebook! Obviously still bears the scars of having a relationship with me 20 years on!

26. I think I’m going to lose at Scrabble in 2009 against my Mum (we are keeping score for the whole year, and I’m not doing well at the moment!). (Edit 2011: I won, then she won in 2010.  Neck and neck currently for 2011)
27. My Dad has probably completed more sudoku puzzles than the entire rest of the UK population put together.
28. My wedding was the best wedding ever – just perfect!
29. My biggest career ambition these days is never to have to work full-time again.
30. I lost three stone two years ago.
31. And put most of it back on again.
32. And am now trying to lose it all again.
33. The cutest thing my son ever said as a baby was ‘that’s a lady’s trousers’ when pointing at a dress in a picture book.
34. After spending months telling my brother that Facebook was a pointless waste of time, I am now addicted and have made contact with so many old friends: I think it’s fab.
35. I HATE Twitter, despite having tried several times to get into it. (Edit 2011: This is obviously no longer true!)
36. God, am I only up to number 35?
37. I enjoy decluttering …
38. But don’t seem to be able to keep up with the stuff coming into the house.
39. I always wanted a daughter …
40. But ended up with a son ….
41. Who I wouldn’t change for the world now
42. Although I gladly would have done when he didn’t sleep through the night a single time till he was two years old!
43. I love reading …
44. And have kept a list of every single book I’ve read since 2001.
45. Last year I read 71 books. (Edit 2011: 65 in 2010, I think).
46. Although I try very hard to be as green as possible in other areas, I will not compromise on my holidays abroad, or my four wheel drive “Chelsea Tractor”
47. I will not enter the supermarket unless I have a written shopping list.
48. I once spent a summer working in a bar in Spain.
49. I spent two very happy years partying studying at the Polytechnic of Wales in Pontypridd.
50. My favourite city in the world is either Vancouver or Sydney, I can’t make my mind up which.
51. I ALWAYS multitask.
52. My favourite beaches in the world are on Bora Bora in French Polynesia.
53. My best night out ever was in Turkey on a holiday with my friend Ann.
54. My favourite film is Thelma & Louise …
55. Or maybe The Shawshank Redemption.
56. My favourite TV show is 24 …
57. But I have to have the DVD boxset so I can watch one episode after the other.
58. I was horse-mad as a kid, and had a pony called Prudence, followed by a larger pony called Fame.
59. I really enjoy ironing.
60. I do not like gardening at all.
61. I like doing jigsaws.
62. I don’t think I could live without email any more.
63. I once had five numbers come up on the lottery and won £4,600 (split between six of us in the syndicate).
64. Christmas is my favourite time of year.
65. My current favourite cocktail is an apple martini …
66. Closely followed by a margarita
67. I hate exercise in any form.
68. The only TV programme my husband and I both like is Grand Designs (Edit 2011: and Casualty).
69. We have an arrangement whereby I choose what we watch till nine pm, then it’s his turn to choose.
70. I gave up watching soaps three years ago and can’t imagine why I ever watched them now. (Edit 2011: still don’t watch any, thank goodness – how did I ever find the time?)

71. I am definitely a morning person
72. My optimum amount of sleep is nine hours.
73. My favourite perfume is Chanel Cristalle
74. Or perhaps DKNY Women
75. Or maybe even Clinique Wrappings.
76. I have never visited New York, and one day would like to travel across the Atlantic the old-fashioned way in a cruise liner, preferably the QM2. Shame I won’t be able to come back on Concorde.
77. I loathe watching sport on TV ….
78. Other than Wimbledon and the Olympics.
79. I hate flying to the point that it sometimes makes me cry – but I would NEVER let the fear take over – I enjoy travelling so much that I could never give up flying.
80. I’ve joined Weight Watchers & Slimming World more times than I care to remember.
81. And I’m still fighting a losing battle with my weight.
82. I am a beauty product junkie and have secret stashes of bits and bobs all over the house (Edit 2011: considerably less since my 12 month ban on buying any more!)
83. I couldn’t live without lip balm – I must have about 20!
84. I used to collect frogs and renamed my previous house Frog Cottage
85. Till I got sick of them, and put them all in a box up in the loft
86. Don’t panic, they weren’t real ones!

87. This is getting more difficult …
88. In fact that’s it – I didn’t get to 100 after all.
89. But it was fun – I enjoyed it.
90. Hope you did too.



4 thoughts on “An Award (And A Total Cheat)

  1. Just loved this. Just finished reading Shawshank Redemption after watching the film many, many times. I too hate flying and get myself so worked up for days beforehand but like you. it is a means to an end. Would have loved to have flown Concorde. Glad you told your boss where to go. I have had a couple like that!!!!!! Reading must be one of my greatest joys. Not too late to have that daughter!

  2. Love # 29! You have had an interesting life so far and I enjoyed reading your list. I too get very anxious when I have to fly but like you, I don’t let it stop me from going anywhere.

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