Christmas Is Coming

December is going to be upon us later this week, and I’m pleased to say that I’ve very nearly finished my Christmas shopping and a good amount of it is wrapped as well.

I used to love wrapping presents, and it was an integral part of the enjoyment of the run up to Christmas for me, but I find it a real chore these days – I think because I am constantly wrapping eBay parcels all year, it just feels like a not-very-enjoyable extension of work.  So I like to get as much done as possible before the festive season actually starts.

December is going to be an even-busier-than-usual month for us this year, as we have two weekends away before Christmas.  The first is for a 50th birthday celebration for one of Ashley’s university friends (that’s making us feel old) – they’ve rented a converted church for the weekend in Somerset, and they’re quite a riotous crowd.  Or maybe it’s just whenever we get together, we still think we can all party as hard as we did when we were students!

Then we’re taking all the estate agency staff and partners up to the hotel for their Christmas do the weekend before Christmas, which’ll no doubt be another, what  shall I say, exuberant couple of days!

Then off to my parents’ in Dorset for Christmas itself.  And a little lie down after all that partying, no doubt!

No plans for New Year as yet – I’m leaving that to Ashley, as New Year’s Eve is also his birthday, so he can decide what to do (also, I organize all our social life the whole rest of the year – like most women, I imagine!)  I loathe New Year’s Eve – all that forced jollity just because of the date.  Though I LOVE the whole concept of a New Year and a fresh start.

Right, I’m off to wrap a few more presents and do the hoovering.

Have a good week, everybody x


6 thoughts on “Christmas Is Coming

  1. How I agree about New Year but once 1st January arrives I feel revigorated. Spring is on its way the days are gradually getting longer, snowdrops are starting to bloom and the signs of Spring are around the corner. Whereas end of December it is the feeling that another year of my life has ended and as you get older you have fewer years left!

  2. I agree about New Year now. I used to enjoy it when I was a teenager, and probably for a while after that, but now there seems to be pressure on to have a good time, cheer loudly at midnight and kiss and hug people you either don’t know very well, or have never met before!
    Good luck with the present wrapping – I’m still at the buying stage.

  3. Almost there with my shopping & making 🙂 One more pressie shop needed and then its just the food shop to do.
    I shall spend NYE’s as I do most years – dozing and watching all the fake jolity on TV!! (sound a right grump don’t I).

  4. I’m not a fan of NY either. Doesn’t it feel good to get the shopping nearly sorted. I enjoy the wrapping, got a fair bit done too. I want to enjoy the process and not get too stressy.
    Lisa x

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