Journal Jar Q24. How did you like being the oldest child? What were the advantages/disadvantages?

This is a weird question, because being the elder/younger sibling just is what it is, isn’t it?  How do you know if you’d prefer being the other, when the only experience you have is of being the one?  Does that make sense?

Anyway, I have one brother, Nick, who’s four years younger than me, and I think it’s fair to say we have always had a fairly volatile relationship.  We didn’t get on at all well as children or teenagers, and even now at the ripe old ages of 43 and 39, we can revert to squabbling kid mode in a matter of seconds.  Thankfully, it’s far rarer these days, though.

Also thankfully, we both tend to blow up, say what we have to say, then forget it ten minutes later.  I can’t bear people holding grudges for ages and being moody.

Nick married a friend of mine, who he met at our wedding, Amanda, which I think has served to bring us closer together as well over the years.

So in answer to the actual question – I don’t know if I preferred being the older child or not.

And here, for your delectation and to make you laugh, are three photos of Nick and me in the early 80s (even more funny in light of yesterday’s post).  He’s gonna kill me ….

I bought those trousers on holiday in Turkey.  I wonder what happened to them.

Oh.  My.  God. (Wayne and Waynetta, eat your heart out)

I look OK, but Nick seems to be off to a line dancing class.



5 thoughts on “Journal Jar Q24. How did you like being the oldest child? What were the advantages/disadvantages?

  1. OMG they are funny. Strangely enough, I knew someone who dressed n that top outfit just last year. Yes, in 2010! For real.
    I didn’t get the line dancing comment until I had another look at Nick’s attire!!!
    Here’s the question…. did you marry an eldest child? Quite often that is the case. Eldest = most assertive, go and get ’em and they attract others of the same….
    Having 4 (kids, not husbands – yet) i read a book called ‘The birth order’ and a lot of what it described is true with my lot anyway.
    PS I love the trousers.

  2. I’m a youngest married to a youngest. I like being the youngest especially now I’ve hit 40 LOL.

    I remember outifts just like yours in the 80’s especially the long pinafore type dress I had one similar when I was about 14 except mine was in cream. You were bang on trend. I still have a yearning for lycra leggins and batwing sweaters…… 🙂

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