Journal Jar Q20. Describe Your Sundays as a Child

Obviously, Sundays were very different back then – the shops weren’t open, for a start!  It’s almost impossible to imagine that now, isn’t it?  Weird.

But it was kind of nice – Sunday really was far more of a ‘day of rest’ than it seems to be these days.

I don’t really remember specifically what we did on Sundays when I was young, although I did go to Sunday school for a while at Pinehurst Road Chapel, which is still there today.  I’m not quite sure what brand of Church it was, but from memory it was a bit ‘happy clappy’ – I remember learning a hymn to the tune of the Match of the Day theme tune!  I can even remember the words – amazing what the brain retains, isn’t it?

I also remember a period when we used to go for walks along the Dorset coast on a Sunday, and take a picnic lunch, which was fun.

And look at the photos – when I was a child, the weather really was always warm and sunny!


3 thoughts on “Journal Jar Q20. Describe Your Sundays as a Child

  1. I always hated Sundays as a child for this particular reason. Nothing to do. Sunday School and Church although I used to bunk off with my friend on the walk from Sunday School to Church and go to a local cafe and buy egg and chips with the collection money my mother had given me. This went on for a while until some one dobbed me in by asking my mother if she never fed me!
    Now here in Spain it is exactly the same no shops open and it is a family day. Unfortunately we don´t have our family here so once again Sundays is boring.

  2. Oh I remember those photos with the curved corners. I looked very similar in 1980s… that colour hair and a similar cut too!
    I was always dragged to walk to bloody garden centres though!
    Love the wellies btw!

  3. Yes Sunday’s were very different back then. I remember we used to go to my mum’s parents for tea. The starnge thing was we used to eat our jelly and ice cream first with slice of brown bread and then have all the sandwiches and nibbles.
    T went out for the first time on Saturday! I was very nervous, but he was only gone a couple fo hours in reality and the park is very close to home. I share your anxiety!
    Lisa x

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