Life’s Too Short To Stuff A Potato

We were supposed to be going out for dinner tonight, with three couples who all have kids in Will’s class at school.  We’ve fallen into a pattern over the last couple of years of getting together once a term for a meal out, and it’s always a fun evening.

Anyway, long story short, one of the couples was let down earlier this week by their babysitter, then we couldn’t get a restaurant booking until 9 pm, which was far from ideal.  So after a couple of cheeky glasses of mid-week Pinot Grigio on Wednesday night, Ashley suggested we had them all over for dinner here instead – which seemed like a great idea at the time.

Apart from the fact that I now have five kids and eight adults to cook for tonight, a house that needs to be cleaned from top to bottom (domestic slattern, me?), and a husband who despite having promised me faithfully he wouldn’t be working today, has sloped off to the office.

So far this morning, I have:

  • Made a lengthy shopping list.
  • Shouted at Will to tidy up his Warhammer which is all over the dining room table.
  • Hoovered and dusted the lounge.
  • Shouted at Will to feed his tortoise.
  • Hoovered and dusted the dining room.
  • Shouted at Will to move his school bag and all its contents from the lounge carpet.
  • Baked and stuffed about 50 miniature potatoes (DELICIOUS to eat, but oh so very fiddly and tedious to make.
  • Shouted at William to put his dirty laundry in the laundry basket rather than all over his bedroom floor.
  • Cleaned the bathroom.
  • Shouted at Will for weeing all over the toilet seat, getting toothpaste all over the basin and leaving a pile of towels on the bathroom floor AFTER I’d cleaned it.
Right, I’m now off to rip up my entry form for Mother of the Year award.

7 thoughts on “Life’s Too Short To Stuff A Potato

  1. Brilliant and you still have time enough to blog! So what else are you feeding them apart from the stuffed spuds? I hate cooking for dinner parties. Just go in to panic mode.

  2. Poor ole Will!! lol!

    Good luck – don’t envy you – cant wait to hear back from you tomorrow!!

    Have a good evening.

  3. Sounds normal 🙂 Hope you had a good night with all your friends 🙂

    BTW – I’ve messed up my email account and have lost all my old emails – grrrr including the ones with the CS christmas swap details in. Can you email me again with your address etc – don’t worry – I’m not finished or anything!! Just so we can sort posting dates etc etc out – thank you (

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