Spending & Saving

Up to my eyes in eBay listing today, so just a quick post with some pictures of my latest purchases – some more thrifty than others!

Treated myself to some of this gorgeous perfume at the Duty Free before we went on holiday ….

… and then had several glasses of champagne on the plane and decided I needed this as well ….


I had a quick whizz around a few charity shops this morning, and was delighted to pick up this camel coloured 100% wool coat for only £6!

It will replace the grotty Tesco thing I bought in desperation about three years ago because I couldn’t find a coat that I liked.

Brand new  with tags Salt Rock shirt for William, only £1.50.

And today’s book purchases …

The bottom two were 50p and 80p from a charity shop, and the last one was strategically placed on the counter in WHSmiths (where I’d gone to pick up the new Christopher Paolini for William, which he’s been waiting for for months, after finishing the first three in the Eragon series).  It was half price and I’ve read some good reviews of it, so I decided I needed to purchase that as well.

My name’s Caroline and I’m a bookaholic ….



7 thoughts on “Spending & Saving

  1. Just finished Left Neglected. It was a 3 out of 5 book. The first bit sped along and I enjoyed the end but the bit in between dragged.

  2. Coat is lovely very classic.

    What a find in that shirt for William.

    2nd handbooks are a problem for me. I drop stuff off at the charity shop, and there they are, twinkling at me. BUY ME, Buy me, buy me. I have a kindle now and will start to purchase more books for that. but… wow… what about all those books that need a home… surely I can make a little more space on the double stacked shelves? No?

  3. Don’t even get me started on books. I liked ‘Left Neglected’ very much. The Jane Green so so.
    ‘A friend’ heard that http://www.bookdepository.co.uk were having a deal today…24 hours of book bargains. So one special offer book – greatly reduced, available per hour. When they’re gone they’re gone. Said friend works out the time difference and wills herself to STAY AWAKE until midnight our time for the first book to be released.
    Makes it to midnight only to see the sale starts 7PM East Coast time….so has stayed up for nothing for the sake of a cheap book or two.
    Am bloody knackered now!!!
    (Nice coat btw – lovely colour).

    (And it could be worse – it could be an addiction to cocaine!)

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