Ladies Who Lunch

Yesterday I went on a flying visit to London for the day, to meet my lovely blogging friend Mumof4, over from the USA, in REAL LIFE!

Meeting somebody you’ve only known online, whilst exciting, does make one feel a little bit apprehensive (will they hate me?  will I hate THEM?  will they be completely different from what I expect (and vice versa)?), but I needn’t have worried – it was as though I was meeting up with somebody I’d known for years, and we had the best time, a lovely lunch, plenty of gossip, and a fair bit of people watching/celeb spotting (we saw Olly Murs and possibly James Nesbitt – though I couldn’t swear it was in fact the latter, he was a pretty good double if it wasn’t him!)

I was only sorry I couldn’t stay for longer – but it was worth every minute of the six and half hours spent on the train (during which I managed to read a whole book!).

I can’t wait to do it again, Mumof4 – come back to the UK for another visit soon!


7 thoughts on “Ladies Who Lunch

  1. It is nerve wracking meeting up in real life, but each person I’ve met has been completely lovely and we’ve got on well. So glad to read you had a wonderful time.
    Lisa x

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