October Movies

My monthly round-up of films I’ve been watching.

1.   Silk

It’s not often I turn a movie off because it’s so dreadful, but I did with this one.  I  rented it on the basis of seeing a trailer which looked great – how wrong it was!  It’s about a silkworm merchant in 19th century France, who travels to Japan and becomes obsessed with a concubine.  But it just seemed to be endless ‘meaningful looks’ and background music, and no substance.  Dreadful.

2.   Johnny English Reborn

I took William to the cinema to see this, and despite thinking it wouldn’t be my cup of tea particularly, found myself laughing out loud and really enjoying it.  Very funny indeed.

 3.   Love & Other Drugs

That Anne Hathaway is a bit ubiquitous at the moment, isn’t she?  Don’t quite know why this movie was billed as a romcom, as it deals with some pretty heavy issues (early onset Parkinsons and taking on (or not) a relationship with somebody whose prognosis is degenerative at best), and it didn’t make me laugh, however I did enjoy it.  It was a bit different and I though it tackled the issues and emotions surrounding the situation well.

 4.   Bridesmaids

Having missed out on this when it was in the cinema this summer, I was delighted to find it was showing on our flight to the Maldives.  Very funny, very watchable, and some great acting from a relatively unknown cast.

 5.   Something Borrowed

Another one I watched on the plane, based on the Emily Giffin novel by the same name.  It passed a couple of hours in the sky quite entertainingly, and I really liked Ginnifer Goodwin’s character, and the ending.  Worth a watch.

6.   Forrest Gump

I hadn’t seen this movie for YEARS, and when I saw it was in the movie library on the plane I decided to indulge myself.  Love this film.  One of my all-time favourites.  And ended up crying buckets (of course) – to the extent that  the woman next to me asked if I was alright!!


What are your all-time favourite films?  I’d love to know.  Just as I’m obsessed with other people’s reading matter, I’m also very nosy about movie choices!


2 thoughts on “October Movies

  1. My favourite film of all time has to be ‘Witness’ – excellent plot, Harrison Ford and an insight into the ways of the Amish (well, Hollywood’s version anyway) – first-rate all round, particularly the barn-raising scene. I ‘m also extremely fond of ‘Tootsie’ – always funny, no matter how many times I watch it. And I love ‘Reykjavik 101’ – funny, off-beat and I can spot the bits of Reykjavik I recognise.

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