Bits & Bobs

I don’t often go to M&S Food Hall  (far too much temptation in one place – get thee behind me, Satan), but when I popped in last week to pick up some bits and bobs for my cocktail evening, I treated myself to this salad for lunch:

Crayfish and mango, with a coconut and chilli dressing.  It wasn’t cheap, but it was huge and ABSOLUTELY delicious.

And while I was waiting at the checkout, I couldn’t resist picking up these little pots of yumminess for Will:

 Considerably more expensive than buying him a chocolate bar, and probably only an equivalent amount weight for weight, but the cute pots got me!

Like I said, far too much temptation …

Moving on, do you remember I wrote about a vintage dress I picked up by Horrockses Fashions a couple of weeks ago?  Well, while I was researching it, I discovered there was a book all about the company, so I ordered a copy from the library.

It is a beautiful coffee-table type book, and is full of vintage loveliness – just look:

I spent a very enjoyable couple of hours flicking through it, and learnt a lot in the process as well.

William finally got the cup he won for being Year 6 Scholar last year, and brought it home earlier this week:

I am a very proud mummy, and love that the winner’s name is engraved on it each year.

(I’ve blurred out the surnames on purpose – they are written in full in real life!)

Having waited very VERY patiently for Season 6 of Grey’s Anatomy to become available in this country (it’s been available everywhere else, even FRANCE, for MONTHS), I finally lost patience, as there’s still not a date for it, and Season 7 is already available in the States, for goodness sake, and bought myself a Region 1 boxset of Season 6.  Thank heavens for multi-region DVD players.

I’ve only watched the first three episodes so far, but am so enjoying catching up with all my favourite characters again – it really is one of the best series I’ve watched for years.

And finally, at the end of this post of total randomness, new shoes:

A bit of a Chanel vibe going on here, and very on-trend with the block heel, but only £26 from the Next Directory.  Really comfortable, too, as Next have wide fit options in loads of their styles these days.  Love ’em.



4 thoughts on “Bits & Bobs

  1. I LOVE M&S food hall. Used to dream of being locked in there when I was preggers. I will so be visiting there in November!!
    Love the shoes. I too have wide feet and many ballet type shoes just make my feet blah and fall out of the sides. Again – may put shoe shopping on my UK to do list.
    Congrats on getting the cup. Love seeing all the Christian names even – Bee wants to call her 1st born son ‘Jasper’ (this week).

  2. Love the shoes. I love sandwiches in M&S king prawn and smoked salmon. £3.50 for a sandwich but it is really worth it when you are having a bad day

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