Autumn, Christmas & Another Holiday

It’s a funny old time of year, I always think.

Neither one thing or another.  Not quite boots and jumpers weather, but too chilly for sandals and short sleeves.  Exacerbated by the fact that I’m lucky enough to be heading for the sunshine again soon – this time in three weeks I will be boarding a plane headed for the Maldives – woohoo!

So I’m struggling to get my head around the whole winter clothes thing.

I did order some new shoes, a couple of skirts and some jeans online for the oncoming cold season last week, but they’ve all been sent back – didn’t fit or didn’t like them.

And then there’s the thing that happens every year when we go on holiday in October – I suddenly discover (just about now) that I desperately need a beach bag or a pair of flip flops or ‘just one more’ pair of shorts.  And can you buy such items at this time of year?  No chance.

Anyway, yesterday, with several days still before September ends, the first Christmas catalogue arrived on the doormat.

Shame on you, Book People.  TOO.  EARLY.

And this morning, when I arrived home from the school run, the Christmas Next Directory was propped up by my front door.

Much as I love Christmas, I don’t feel the need to have it shoved down my throat in September, thank you very much.

So this evening I had an hour to kill whilst waiting for Will at karate, so I flipped through said Next Christmas Directory.  And amongst lots of this …

… I was delighted to find some of this …

How refreshing.  I think I might well treat myself to that rather nice pink maxi for my hols.  And it comes in black, too ….

No beach bags, though – thank goodness for eBay!!


3 thoughts on “Autumn, Christmas & Another Holiday

  1. Like floral maxi dress too.
    I’m happy to think about Christmas in an ‘ want to get organised and have a bit of a think’ not an I need to shop NOW for decorations and mince pies’ kind of way!
    Lisa x

  2. I agree. September is FAR TOO EARLY to be receiving Christmas related stuff in the post.
    :Lucky you off to the Maldives – lovely. We’ve had tropical weather today, it’s been wonderful to feel the warmth of the sun, but we should have been feeling it in August, not the end of September!

  3. There has been Christmas stuff available here since August. I *may* have already purchased a few bits n bobs.
    But in my defense I DO end a lot over to UK early…….
    I *may* now go and look at Next on line.
    And I get to meet you after Maldives so it really isn’t that far off! Yay!!!

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