Sunday Car Booty

Vile, grey, wet morning, pouring with rain – which matches my mood, as I’m feeling sad about Ron, my cat.

Reg, his brother, had a sneezy cold thing earlier this week for a couple of days, and spent the best part of 48 hours sleeping under the spare bed, after which he was fully recovered and back to his normal bouncy self.

Then Ron was very sneezy on Friday, but was still eating and seemed OK.  Yesterday morning when I got up, he was sitting on the landing outside my bedroom wheezing and sneezing and very sorry for himself, not even interested in his breakfast.  I wondered aloud if I should call the vet, but let Ashley talk me out of it (not that I’m blaming him, I should have just done what I knew I should’ve done, rather than take the easy option).

Anyway, Ron went out yesterday morning and we haven’t seen him since.  I’ve been awake on and off all night worrying about him, and I have this horrible feeling that he’s not coming back.  It’s been pouring with rain all night and windy, and I feel so sad about him outside somewhere in that.


This morning’s car boot sale was inside the multi-storey car park, owing to the horrible weather, and it was as bit rubbish, really, loads of dirty tat to sift through.

Here’s what I bought:

Weight Watchers recipe books 50p each

Vintage wooden tennis racquet £2.50

Per Una jumper and M&S plus size blouse, £1 each

Tommy & Kate handbag £1.50, Faith black heels 50p

Book for Ashley 50p, Carol McGiffin’s autobiography (she does make me laugh on Loose Women 10p, mini Thermos flask 50p – for Will to take a hot drink to school when the weather gets colder.

Keep your fingers crossed for Ron, everybody.


13 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. I hope Ron comes back safely! I lost one of my cats for 3 days once, he was trapped in a neighbours coal shed…. I went and put leaflets through all the doors nearby asking people to check for him… Fingers crossed for your Ron x

  2. Oh Caroline, I hope Ron’s found shelter and is just taking his time to walk home. Did you guys go out looking for him? Do you think calling out his name would help? Does he respond to that sort of thing?

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