Seven Things I’m Loving Right Now

1.   Boots Botanics Organic Body Oil

I’ve been using this a couple of times a week all summer long and it has done wonders for my skin.  I haven’t had any of the usual dryness or flaking I inevitably get after a holiday abroad, so I shall be continuing to use it throughout the winter as well.  And it smells lovely, too!

2.   Walking The Amazon by Ed Stafford

Caught part of a recent TV documentary about this chap who walked the entire length of the Amazon, and had to buy the book to read the full story.  It’s absolutely gripping and I can’t put it down.

3.   Nail Polish

I am now addicted to my long manicured (false) nails and am spending a small fortune on maintaining them!  They are currently pale grey (was going to post a pic, but my hands look like a 90 year old’s today, so forget that idea!  Coveting one of the new season’s khaki shades, though I won’t be purchasing this limited edition one from Chanel with its hefty price tag!!

4.   Damages

How have I missed this fabulous TV series until now?  Loving the boxset – stayed up late and watched 4 episodes back to back last night – edge of the seat thriller stuff!

5.   My New Kenwood Blender

A birthday present from Ashley – but it only arrived this morning, as they sent the wrong one originally, and the second one got broken in transit!  Third time lucky, and I’m looking forward to making lots of soups and smoothies with this.  My last one was on its very last legs (probably due to overuse!).

6.   Lists

Since Will went back to school, I’ve been making a to do list every day, and the sense of satisfaction ticking things off as I get them done is completely out of proportion!  Well, whatever gets you through the day, eh?!

7.   My Cake Stand

Another brilliant birthday present, from my brother and sister-in-law.  I am, quite possibly, the world’s worst baker – beware an invitation to afternoon tea at my house – but I’m sure I’ll think of something else to put on my lovely cake stand.  At the moment it’s sitting in my office, looking pretty, but I’m thinking maybe jewellery or make-up …

What are your favourite things this week?


11 thoughts on “Seven Things I’m Loving Right Now

  1. My favourite thing this week is a new bottle of perfume – Dune, Christian Dior. I haven’t had it for a while, and I have missed it!
    Another favourite thing is a Welcome Home balloon for my hubby, who has been off climbing Kilimanjaro. It has Snoopy and Woodstock (lots of little Woodstocks actually) on it. I love Snoopy!

  2. Brilliant post Caroline, I love my cakestand too it is a bit like yours.
    I am loving my soap and Glory heel cream (for dry cracked heals, under a fiver and it works) , Kenco Millicano Coffee, tried it and like it , it is a tasty instant coffee. The book I am reading at the moment, One Day by David Nicholls.
    x Dawn

  3. Damages – loved the first series, although the girl annoyed me. Didn´t manage to finish the last series though. You must get The Good Wife – brilliant.

    Love Dune perfume too.

    Do try Origens lemon shower gel for on holiday cheap but brilliant mossie repellant.

  4. the cake stand is beautiful. I really like it.

    a few things I have liked this week are, my tooth pain seems to be going away. I am really looking forward to being more organised this christmas. the shops have prompted me with there (already) huge displays of christmas cards and presents. I have started a list ready and have actually managed to tick of 3 items. smug? Much? Ohhhh yes. I like to add things to the list that I have already done! LMAO so that I do not feel a failure if I dont get any more done. Oh, do you think that might be cheating? LMAO

    And I think I will try the origens lemon shower gel mentioned above. off yo greece soon, insects love me. Boots also loves me as I bought half the shop this lunch time. LOL ohhh and they were all items on my list!

    Loved all the Twilight series. But I must say the film that played in my head when I was reading it (before the films were made) was WAAAAYYYY better. Edward defo was hotter in my head, than he is in the film. Defo Team Jacob because of the film

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