Sunday Car Booty

Quite a small bootsale this morning – probably due to yesterday’s dodgy weather and an absolutely hooley of a storm last night at about 11.30.

 Amazing red and black stripper heels, and wide fit black patent Evans heels – £1 each.

Kenzo 100% merino wool men’s jumper £1, Principles trousers 50p

Dorothy Perkins kimono style top (ooh, very on trend!) £1, Elvi tie dye look blouse £1

Boots Cranberry giftset £2.50, cross stitch cushion cover kit £1

And here endeth today’s bargains.  Have a lovely Sunday, everybody x


12 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. Yes I would have bought most o fthese. Love those naughty red heels. The kimono top is lovely and different. I enjoy cross stitch and keep meanig to get back to it. Smellies are always great too. Fab finds.
    Would say the clothes were a bargain normally but his week I got my haul for free

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