The Joys of Travelling Light

In a bid to avoid Ryanair’s obscene charges for putting baggage in the hold, we decided to travel to Spain with hand luggage only, which I was dreading – minimal holiday packing and I are not natural bedfellows.

I have, however, been totally converted – the pros far outweighed the cons for this particular trip (particularly bearing in mind we had laundry facilities at my parents’ place in Spain).

  •  No long queue to check-in at the airport (hence an extra half hour in bed which was much appreciated considering we had to get up at around 3 am for our outward flight).
  • No interminable wait for the baggage to appear on the carousel at the other end – this morning we were in the car on our way home 12 minutes after our flight landed!
  • Packing and unpacking are a breeze, and literally take minutes.
  • No huge piles of laundry when you get home – one of my least favourite things about coming home from holiday.

I am quite amazed that I actually managed to last for a whole 9 days on only 10kg of luggage –  if I can do it, anybody surely can!!


6 thoughts on “The Joys of Travelling Light

  1. Totally agree, I can do 2 weeks with carry on luggage but we do have things in the house when we arrive. I’ve always longed for a capsule wardrobe with just a few quality pieces if only I could wear out the stuff imhave.

  2. Its most liberating to not get caught in the luggage trap! Though I sometimes have a paralytic attack when i feel I have nothing appropriate to wear at some point during the holiday, a calm and thorough check of the stuff you have packed usually pulls out a winner 🙂

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