Friends For Dinner

I am writing this at 4pm, and it has literally bucketed down with rain ALL DAY today.  Thank goodness we’re off to Spain for nine days on Sunday – and fingers crossed that the weather will be better there!

Last night we had Ashley’s business partner Mike and his wife Emma over to dinner, and a fun evening was had by all.  Ashley exercised his culinary talent, and made an absolutely delicious meal.

Canapes made by me – they were supposed to be smoked salmon blinis, but unfortunately the smoked salmon was a bit mouldy when I took it out, so rather than poison everybody, I rummaged through the cupboards and came up with the unusual combination of blinis with pate, garnished with green olives and sundried tomatoes!

Cod loin wrapped in parma ham with parsley sauce

Herbed fillet of beef in a port sauce, stilton crouton, roasted new potatoes, beans and carrots.

Orange slices marinated in peach schnapps, raspberry coulis and clotted cream.

It took me nearly all morning to wash up!!



7 thoughts on “Friends For Dinner

  1. Oh yes! The party seems like a good idea at the time but it’s always the washing up, isn’t it?
    Food looks good and everybody looks happy. That’s worth the washing up, isn’t it?

  2. Wow. That is impressive (without sounding sexist), and where did he get the recipes from? I am intrigued….

    Hope you have a fabulous ‘light’ hol…

  3. Gosh, what a beautiful meal! That’s worthy of a spot on “Come Dine With Me” (one of my favourite UK cooking shows, of many). You’re right about the show and tell. It’s never ending. I tend to just let me daughter do her own thing. Saves me having to think about it. LOL

    Anne xx

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