Incoming Books

Books have been entering my house at a considerably quicker rate than I am able to read at the moment.  Luckily, I see this as a good thing, not a bad one!

The last couple of weeks have brought the above selection.

Two Diane Chamberlain novels from Read It Swap It (such a brilliant book swap website).  Only discovered Diane Chamberlain recently and am loving her books.

Sister by Rosamund Lupton, lent to me by a friend.  Am currently reading this one.

The Mistress’s Revenge and Dear American Airlines, both sent to me all the way from the biggest bookshop in the world (yes, really) by my lovely blogging friend Mum Of 4.  She must be psychic because I’ve recently read a couple of good reviews of The Mistress’s Revenge, so I really wanted to read it.

Finally, Talk to the Headscarf by Emma Hannigan, who has amazingly survived cancer six times, which I ordered from the library.

My book collection (which consists almost entirely of books I’ve yet to read, as I get rid of 99% of books after I’ve read them) has exploded out of the book case and into large piles on the floor all over the house.  I really must do something about it.



3 thoughts on “Incoming Books

  1. I love reading and books. I have this weird obsession when I go to peoples houses. I have to know what types of books they read. And horror of horrors, going to peoples houses and no books! How will I cope when everyone has a kindle? How will I tell if they are my type of person?


    Also, when I get my house decor magazines (OH calls them house p@rn), if there are pictures of book cases I have to turn the pictures around so I can read the titles! I cant help it.

    I love books.

  2. That looks like an interesting pile of books. I haven’t read any of those authors, so might look out for them. I have an increasing pile of books to read – I just can’t resist them! I’m sort of with Sol in being interested in the types of books other people read and hadn’t thought about the impact of the Kindle on the pleasure of browsing other people’s bookshelves.

  3. I’m a Kindle fan… but still love looking at others choices. My Kindle reads get posted on Facebook, which I suppose gives you an insight into what your friends are reading. Sister is very good. I’ve got afterwards to read as well, but I’m saving that for the end of the hols!
    The big advantage of a Kindle is that all my books to read are well hidden and my bookshelves are fast getting emptied. My house is looking a lot better on it!

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