Frock It!

Time for my weekly celebrity fashion review again, and I was horrified to read that Jordan/Katie Price has turned her hand to fashion design *shudder*.  The results are pretty much as one would expect – here are a couple of highlights:

Interesting pairing of tracksuit and high heels.

Moving swiftly on ….

This is the first time I’ve featured the lovely Kylie on Frock It, and I normally don’t have a bad word to say about her style.  But this outfit did leave me pondering …

Much as I love a bit of leopard print, I’m really not sure that two different leopard prints in one outfit (bag and dress) are my cup of tea.  Think I’d have gone for a black bag with that dress, personally.  Love the dress itself, though.

I haven’t seen Katie Holmes looking really good for a while, so it was nice to see her pulling off a simple LBD last week really well.

Simple, classy and elegant – and I really like the nude shoes with it, too (sorry, Glynis, beige!!)

I’ve been a fan of Freida Pinto since seeing Slumdog Millionaire (and saw her earlier this week in the new Planet of the Apes movie).  She usually looks absolutely fabulous, so I was a bit disappointed when she chose this Victoria Beckham dress for a US TV chat show appearance recently:

I didn’t think either the colour or the cut suited her, and she looks really uncomfortable in it, too.

This week I’ve saved the best until last, and I thought Christina Ricci’s dress was gorgeous:

She was filming the new TV series ‘Pan Am’ in New York, which is set in the 60s.  Can’t wait for it to be shown over here.

That’s it for this week, but I’ll be frocking it again same time, same place next week.



7 thoughts on “Frock It!

  1. Katie Price’s fashion highlights? Low lights more like. One wonders what the rest of her collection looks like.
    Kylie normally looks lovely so I agree she doesn’t look her best in this outfit, although maybe it’s just an unfortunate shot?
    I agree – Christina Ricci looks great.

  2. As my name has been taken in vain, I must comment first on the nude shoes – sorry Caroline just do NOT like them plus being really bitchy they make the veins (notice the play on words) stand out. Don´t like the dress either. I love Kyle´s dress and if I was many years younger would be dying to get my hands on a copy, so perhaps I´ll just try for the bag! Loved the last Frock it dress so beautiful. What is this Panam series about – just love these period pieces. Now for Katie Price – the only polite word I can think of is Yuck. God I hate that woman! My mother would have said, “Common as muck with a mouth like a fishwife”.

  3. I am completely in love with Kylie’s dress and I think you’re absolutely right. The black shoes look great, why couldn’t she have teamed it with a black bag!?

  4. Katie Holmes does seem to make some strange fashion statements…. i also really like the last dress. They are running trailers for the new US tv shows coming in September – they show them at the movies. I like the look of Pan Am and as you know – I don’t really ‘do’ American tv. They have also made Prime Suspect into a series here with Maria Bello – should be interesting…..

  5. Agree with all your observations! I personally would never wear leopardskin or anything else’s skin, so I’m not pleased to see it’s an autumn trend. I dom’t like it on Jordan or Kylie either.

  6. Mmmm did you say highlights of KP collection? Could there really be such a thing?!
    Love, lovel, love CR’s dress, if only we could find that kind of thing sta the car boots!
    Lisa x

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