Journal Jar Q46. What’s The Best Present You’ve Received As An Adult?

Despite the fact that I’ve had some lovely presents over the years – diamonds and designer handbags spring to mind – my best present ever, received from Ashley for Christmas about 8 years ago, was my Dyson washing machine!

And before you – like all my friends did at the time – say ‘God, I’d KILL my husband if he bought me washing machine for Christmas’ – I did actually ASK him to buy it for me for Christmas.  And I was thrilled with it.

I could wax lyrical for hours  – and bore you rigid, no doubt – about the contra-rotating drums, the huge wash capacity which means I only have to do one whites and one coloureds wash most weeks, the pretty colours etc etc.

But I won’t.

I’m sure you’re all suitably relieved about that.

PS My iPad was a close second!


7 thoughts on “Journal Jar Q46. What’s The Best Present You’ve Received As An Adult?

  1. Mine was prb my dishwasher – definitely the best baby present as my parents bought it when the twins were born.

    Also loved my SLR camera. Still don’t know how to work it after nearly three years but it will take a great photo!

  2. WOW I didn’t even know Dyson did washing machines.

    I won’t mention the year I got a Kenwood Chef when I really wanted a Kitchen Aid and the 34 yr old sulk show I proceeded to put on. Then felt mega bad when an exquisite piece of jewellery was then given to me…oops.

  3. Wow – that is very cool looking. Don’t know if they do them here at all. Had a Dyson vacuum but it didn’t hold up…..
    Love the Dyson hand dryers so can imagine the washer is also very good.

    Best pressie I ever got – probably a car. When I turned 30.

  4. My husband’s not a romantic sort and so I give him a list to choose from for birthdays and Christmas. But he has bought a few spontaneous presents: garden spade, clothes line, cable to use ipod in car, which are thoughtful in their own way!

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