A Trip to Sussex

We arrived back from a really lovely few days in Sussex yesterday – part business/part pleasure.

It’s ages since I was last able to visit Findon Manor, and I was really impressed by the improvements Ashley has made.  Although there’s still loads to do, it certainly looks and feels like a thriving business now, rather than the sad, failing entity it was a few years ago.

Ashley took an afternoon off while we were there and we visited Brighton – never been before and really liked it – particularly The Lanes.

And a visit to Brighton wouldn’t be right without a trip to the arcade at the end of the pier!

On Wednesday, William and I took a trip to Arundel Castle, which was fascinating and had amazing gardens, too.  Well worth a visit – and the sun shone for us as well.

Another highlight of the trip (for me, not so much William!) was the huge array of Yankee Candles for sale in the local garden centre – I’ve never seen such a big display in this country.

Home again now for a couple of weeks, and we have a quiet weekend ahead with no plans at all, which is rather nice.


9 thoughts on “A Trip to Sussex

  1. Love Yankee Candles we are lucky to have a new shop in town, I go in just to sniff, glad you all had a great time x Dawn

  2. I’ve been to Arundel a few times. Do they still have the big sliegh on display?
    Maybe a future trip for us with the children. They have a train station!
    Lisa x

  3. Just reading that makes me miss England.
    But we do have a HUGE Yankee Candle shop near us…and I will have to go and smell ‘Pink Lady Slipper’ just to UNDERSTAND that it is a good smell!!

  4. Great pics! Made me nostalgic as I haven’t been to Brighton for years. Yankee Candles are divine – they smell so much better than any others.

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