Frock It – The Copycat Edition

There hasn’t been an awful lot of exciting celeb fashion for me to comment on over the last week – I think they must all be away on holiday!

So this week I thought I’d talk about a new range of dresses by Debenhams in tribute to some of the styles worn at the Royal Wedding.

Firstly, they’ve designed a wedding dress based on Pippa Middleton’s bridesmaid dress.

Hmm, it’s not rocking my boat – particularly not when compared to the original.  The neckline is a bit odd, I think, and it could do with some sort of embellishment to add some interest.

Next up, an evening dress allegedly matching Ms Middleton’s evening attire at the wedding.

Now, if we ignore that the Debenhams knock-off is a completely different colour from the original, I actually quite like it as an evening dress.

Finally, they’ve made a short black version of Kate’s wedding dress.  Yes, really – look:

I don’t like it.  At first I wasn’t sure, but now I am – it looks dated and dowdy – and in my opinion, all that lace and long sleeves does not work with a cocktail length frock.

No doubt, however, all three will fly off the shelves, given the current media obsession with the Middleton girls.

And before I go this week, I just had to mention Natalie Cassidy (aka Sonia from Eastenders) who made her debut on Loose Women last week wearing this.

Oh dear.



9 thoughts on “Frock It – The Copycat Edition

  1. Oh dear indeed. Natalie Cassidy looks as though she put an old shirt on while they did her make up and then forgot to take it off!
    I agree that the evening dress (blue one) does look quite nice actually. The wedding dress looks as though it is pulling across the front – maybe they need to put a bit more fabric in it?

  2. Oh DEAR indeed!! What was she thinking? Did she just roll out of bed?

    I can see the idea behind the copycat dresses. But really, even wearing the original Pippa dress is asking for trouble. No-one, and I mean no-one will look as good she her in it, so why put yourself through it?

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